Monday, August 19, 2013

The Petrie Boys!

What a thrill it was to find an update from Aloysius,  Sir Reginald and Forrest's mom in my email this weekend!!!

Here are the wee lads with their sister before they left our nest.


From left to right:
Sir Reginald (Reggie), Aloysius (Lewis), Forrest, and Pearl

And here the are today, living large and looking good!

IMG_6754 copy 2




Hi Laurie
I'm sending you a few new pictures of Lewis, Reggie, and Forrest. They are a little over a year old and are hilarious with individual personalities. They have been a wonderful additions to our family and our older cat Kaci loves, plays, and chases them.

When we adopted Lewis he was about 3 1/2 lbs now is a huge 16 lbs and gaining he's one of the largest cats we have owned but is as gentle as a lamb, craves food, brushing and being the center of attention.

 Reggie comes in at a close 13 lbs loves chasing butterflies, Forrest, or just sitting on the window ledge sunning himself. His favorite pastime is keep me company on my desk or under my chair when I'm checking emails.

 Forrest is the smallest, fastest, and most loving. His favorite place is around the back of my neck like a travel pillow and he will actually fall asleep. He gets along with everyone but is still shy at first.

We built a fence around our 2 acres this summer and all the boys were able to start going outside for supervised time in the fresh air and they help keep the rodent population down. They love really just sitting on the porches watching birds and dragonflies, or helping us garden by sitting in the middle of plants.

So just wanted to say hi and tell you everyone is happy and healthy. It seems like just yesterday that we adopted them from you so just wanted to thank you again for all the time you spent with them and other babies that have been adopted.


Thank you so much for the update, Stacey!  The boys look great and we're thrilled they're doing so well!   Please give them some love from all of us!


  1. Breathraking collection of Petries!

  2. I once had 40 pounds of cats also. Those kitties are fantastic! They look so happy and healthy.

  3. Wow, Forrest looks EXACTLY like he did as a kitten, just bigger! Most cats seem to change so much in that first year that it's cool to see one who stayed the same. :-)
    Love the Reggie-lounge-pose in the second picture!
    And Lewis looks like he runs the place! ;-)
    Sweet boys!

  4. eeeeeeee! from cuties to beauties!!! :)

  5. Oh my! Wonderful pics! They sound like they are in the perfect place!

  6. Reggie definitely has the 'large' part of 'living large' part down. ;D Huge=more to love. It sounds like they have a wonderful life in their furever home and they all look fabulous.

  7. It is so nice to hear how these darling boys are doing! Thank you for writing!

    I think it's extra special when circumstances, and temperaments, allow for cats to spend time outside. Not everyone can arrange it, and some cats would run directly into trouble, but I think it's so good for them when it's possible.

    It's very tempting to use that first picture as a device for lecturing: "SEE, kitties?! It is possible for cats to co-exist with potted plants WITHOUT destroying them!"

  8. Wish all kittys got such a good home.

  9. Thanks for sharing, the boys are wonderful!

  10. Wow -- wonderful update!!! It's so great to see these three beautiful boys and hear about how their personalities unfolded :)

  11. My such a handsome group. Baby Sir Reginald is and has been my screen saver picture since he was a wee whiskery kitten. Glad to see him and all of his siblings doing so well.

  12. Oh those boys are so very handsome!!!

  13. Oh, Lewis, you beautiful, fluffy thing!

  14. What a fine bunch of handsomeness!! I love the alumni updates!!



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