Friday, July 19, 2013

WOW, What a Morning!

OH friends, what a morning it's been!   I knew we would be rolling past our hefty $100,000 goal, but I didn't think we would see it happen so early in the day!  

For those who weren't able to follow along, this how it all played out...

We started out the day with a total of $86,125.  Cynthia offered up another match of $2500,  which would take us over the top if met,  then donations starting coming in at a steady pace.  We were about $700 away from meeting the match, and I expected it would be  an hour or so before we rolled it over, but nope, it came sooner than that.  A $2100 donation from an anonymous donor came through and took us over the top!   And then a couple more huge donations came in, I added Cynthia's match and we were past $106,000 in a matter of moments!

It was all very exciting and even though we knew we would reach our goal, the ending was unexpected, and left me speechless.

After a few tears of joy, actually some pretty heavy sobs, I gave Cynthia a call and we had a nice chat about the FUNdraiser, all of you fine folks, and the wonderfulness that comes out of the event each year.

Marguerite, our friend and director of development at the HS, stopped by a few minutes later with a large balloon bouquet attached to a bag filled with some lovely gifts and gift cards that were donated by several local businesses.   In typical cat fashion, both Charlene and Wylla were excited by the ribbons tied to the bag, but frightened by the hovering balloons.

Next came more phone calls, emails, and texts from friends and family congratulating us all!   It's been quite a morning!

We accomplished something pretty huge and I am so very proud of us.  This community is lovely - so generous and kind.   The way you give not only helps the homeless cats and kittens, it helps us humans out too.  With each donation and act of support, you show compassion and kindness which reminds us of that there is a great deal of goodness in this world.

Thank you dear people of the IBKC community.  You truly make this world a better place.  Thank you for giving and caring.

I'm not done thanking you yet - I've got much more to say and lots of individuals  to thank as well.  That will all come on Monday, when I write the wrap-up post and share our totals!

Because we've met our goal, I won't be pestering anyone for more donations, but if you were planning on donating, and just haven't gotten around to doing so yet,  I'll be leaving the Firstgiving widget on our blog to make it easy for you to do.

Now, I must go and prepare for tomorrow's event.  Please join us if you can! We're gathering near the DAT registration area shortly before 10:30.  We'll be easy to spot - we'll be the only  "cat people" in a large sea of "dog people'.

We love you,


  1. Puuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

  2. Laurie, I hope there were some nice gift certificates in that basket for you to treat yourself to, for all your hard work!

  3. Congratulations on meeting your goal, you're a fantastic fund raiser. You do the work to keep the blog interesting and take all those cute kitten photos so that your followers are there when the dollars are needed. Well done!

  4. Congratulations, Laurie, Craig, Charlene and Wylla! It's so much fun keeping up with this blog (my mom and I have whole conversations about The Bean and Wylla that leave my dad shaking his head) and I'm so delighted to see you make this goal. Will Wylla be presenting the check this year?

  5. Congratulations to everyone, you have done a mighty good job

  6. Hugs to you, Laurie and Craig and ButterBean and wee Wylla! You ran a fantastic fundraiser, and moved so many people to donate! Congratulations!

  7. I didn't donate this year because of unemployment. God willing me, my new Bisse, and my old cat pals Max and Bilal (who have donated with me in the past) will be back next year. What you do for unhoused kitties is wonderful. I know because my Bisse is a rescue from Amman, Jordan and Bilal from Logan, UT.

    Question. With your fundraising ability have you thought about just starting an on-going fund for the Humane Society? One that people could donate to year round?

    Anyhow, I'm glad the kitties won't be forgotten, and with your new staff member Wylla it looks like you'll be able to successfully do this for years to come!

  8. Wow, congratulations! You and all the kitties did it. Thank you for all you do. By sharing a little of your life with the rest of us, you brighten our days and educate everyone about the importance of spaying and neutering, etc. I only wish I could be there to participate in the walk.

  9. Thank you!!! My hero!

    Patti in KY

  10. You did such a great job! It was wonderful to watch. I, too, had to donate less this year and that was frustrating, but it was thrilling to see you blow right by the goal. I hope you're having a good rest tonight, and have a lovely day tomorrow. Thank you, Laurie.

    Patti in WA :)

  11. Congratulations! Once again, I'm pretty new to this blog. It makes me happy every day. You have the gift of making many people smile, laugh, sometimes cry - what a joy it has been to follow my first IBKC FUNdraiser. I only wish I could donate as much as the wonderful Cynthia and your other matching donors. Great job to everyone involved!!

  12. Seconding everything that Beth said.

  13. Congratulations on meeting and beating your goal! Thank you to all who donated. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position to donate, but I watched your progress avidly. I get so much joy out of your blog.



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