Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Walking the Walk

I'm glad we took pictures because Dog-A-Thon is one big blur for me. We talked to so many friends, met lots of fans and folks, and chatted the morning away.   Being one of two felines at this dogcentric event, Wylla got lots of attention.

She stayed close -  either perching on our shoulders or resting in our arms.  She was calm and sweet and made good impressions on many as we walked through the crowds.


This little kitten,  in a giant sea of dogs,  made us proud.


Here she is saying hello to Shana Banana.


And here she is meeting the vendors.



And here she is playing a round of "Pass the Cat".  She started off on the shoulders of Marguerite.


And from Marguerite's shoulders, she went to this fellow.


And from this fellow, to this lovely lady.  


And then to our friend Sarah.


And back to the gentleman.


What a brave and adventurous kitten!

Zelda (now Zoubie) Lamm's parents, Lynn and Alex,  joined us to walk.  I asked Lynn if she would like to carry Wylla, and she answered "yes" with a big smile and teary eyes.  Wylla was very comfortable in her arms, and walked the whole mile + with her.  It was quite sweet, and both Wylla and Lynn were very happy together.


Ninja Bob, another Tacoma celebricat,  joined us for he walk too!  Bob is the cat ambassador at the Northwest Spay and Neuter Center.


You may recognize him - he's the three legged fellow that joined us for last year's walk.


Bob meets a lot of dogs every day of his life, and they don't make him nervous at all. Not even giant dogs.


Shana Banana and Jim's dog, Blixa,  joined for the walk too.


And here are a couple of pups we met along the walk.



We had a wonderful time this year  - we walked tall knowing our community raised so much and made a huge contribution towards the success of this event.

We hope you all will be able to join us next year!  As soon as I know the date, I'll let you know so you can mark your calendars and book your flights!


  1. Hooray for pictures! I'll have to save up some $$ so I can fly up for next year's event :D

  2. I could not believe you put her on my shoulder! I kept thinking "OH OH OH- I am actually HOLDING the little celebrity WYLLA!" (which is the moment you took that picture!) and she was adorable and never fidgeted for the entire mile. Tell Wylla she will always have a home on my shoulder! But I'm sure there is a long line for that honor.

    1. You look so incredibly happy in that picture, Lynn!

      What a fantastic day. I was sorry that I could not make it this year to meet the little superstar. I hope to get out there next year. Wylla will (hopefully) be harder to carry during Dog-A-Thon 2014 since she should be pretty much full size, but we can take turns.

      I love that Ninja Bob, too.

  3. Oh my, Wylla's tail is becoming quite majestic! It sounds like it was a very fun walk, wishing I had the chance to be there to cheer you all on!

  4. Of course Wylla wasn't worried. She knew that HER people raised most of the money.

  5. Good job on the walk Wylla! You handled it with such poise and grace :)

  6. Can you tell me what is the brand of harness that Wylla is wearing? I need to get one for my cats and don't like what I've seen so far (too stiff and chunky) and Wylla looks so comfy in hers it just my suit my cat's needs. Thanks!

    1. I just saw the harness at Petco, like Laurie said "Kitty come with me" or "come with me kitty". 3 sizes, comes with harness and a bungee type leash.

  7. Great pics, as usual, and what a splendid pair of feline ambassadors. As a blog newbie, I don't recall meeting Ninja Bob before but I do love handsome grey tabby boys. How cool it must have been to walk the walk with wee Wylla!

  8. I think it is called "Kitty Come With Me" or something like that. The leash that it comes with is kind of bulky so I use a different one with lighter hardware.

  9. A most enjoyable post! Loved seeing our wide-eyed Wylla winning over so many people. Who could resist this little kitty-girl?!!

  10. Wylla is one cool cat. Cool human parents make cool cats and you have two. congrats!

  11. This was a wonderful FUNdraiser, a fabulous event, and COUNT ME IN for 2014!!! Wylla has such a calm demeanor -- her Mom and Dad have obviously done extremely well in her socialization. Or, maybe she saw the video about trying to "be a bit more dog." Either way, she's a treat.

  12. Wylla just accepted all that attention like it was her due.

    She is such a petite little girl with loads of personality.

  13. What a lovely wrap-up for the FUNdraiser! So happy to see brave wee Wylla on the walk. I'm sure she won many new fans! She was meant to be part of your family forever! :)

  14. Thanks so much for posting these pictures! What a trooper you have in little Wylla! Such a great foster ambassador. If I didn't live on the east coast I would love to come next year.

  15. Wylla is a once-in-a-lifetime duper-special kitty! I would love to have her climb onto my shoulder of star wide-eyed into my face. :)

    Thank you for sharing her with us! <3

    1. oops- * 'or stare wide-eyed', not 'of star' :)

  16. Wylla! It's so great that all those dog-people got to meet the amazing Wylla!

  17. What a fun day you all had! Clearly Wylla was a star, and knew it -- as she should -- and I have to admit that I simply adore the photo of Lynn's joy and delight at holding that little beauty. It looks like everybody -- human, feline, and canine -- really had a wonderful day, and what better to celebrate than all that money raised to support the HS? Thanks for all the lovely photos and sharing the day with those of us too far away to participate (this year; I am determined to be there next year!)!

  18. Hey, Ninja Bob! Looking good! Wylla's floof was a definite beauty boost to the event as well.



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