Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jimmy Tipton!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a party at Jimmy Tipton's home. The handsome young man is doing great.  He's a smart, sweet, happy, social fellow.   As you may recall, he was adopted by two very dear friends of ours, John and Monika, who are outstanding kitty parents.   They've done a wonderful job raising the boy.

He gets along great with his older tabby brothers, Junior and Howard, but on occasion,  it is necessary for one of them to put kitten Jimmy in his place.

Here's Jimmy, not all that long ago, shortly before he was adopted in late January.


And here he is today!



The photos below are from a few months back.  Who goes to such lengths to entertain their cats?  John and Monika, that's who.  They are awesome.



Thank you for sharing the photos, John and Monika!  And thanks for giving Jimmy such a wonderful life!  He's the luckiest kitty in the world!  


  1. Loving the pointed ears that Jimmy has. He's looking great!

  2. Oh my, I want a squirrel feeder like that! Clementine and Ezekiel would be in heaven with squirrels so up close and personal.

  3. He has such hypnotic eyes! It's lovely to see how big and healthy he grew up to be.

  4. That is such a sweet-faced boy. I too love his little pointed ears. 100% cuteness.

  5. I STILL love me some Jimmy Tipton! I'm a sucker for those sweet tabby boys!

  6. I love the squirrel dining set outside the window. That's so fabulous!

  7. he's growing up into such a handsome boy! and that squirrel set-up...I actually LOL'd! It's hilarious!

    LOVE seeing the alumni!


  8. He is absolutely gorgeous! He looks like a lynx! I love Jimmy!

  9. JJimmy, you are indeed a lucky boy to have parents who love you and your brothers so much. You are cute as can be! And as a special bonus, your squirrel friends get some treats!

  10. Aww... I love not-so-little-now Jimmy. Such a handsome tabby boy , and isn't Ms. Charlene a sucker for them?

    The squirrel is cracking me up in the last pic... 'While I'm thinking of it, human, you're a week late paying my nutary. My agent wants me to go work for another theater if this keeps up. I don't wanna, but a boy's gotta eat...'

  11. That is one handsome tabby boy. (Of course, I'm also a sucker for them, so there's that.)

  12. Jimmy has the greatest eyes and ears! A very handsome lad. IBKC found a great home for this adorable kitty. Absolutely love that squirrel vignette~!!

  13. He's a handsome boy that is growing up fast!

    Jenna would be pawing at the window and scaring the squirrel :(

  14. The beautiful Tipton boys are the first kittens I've been reading about from the start because that's when I found your blog. Jimmy looks wonderful! I hope we can get updates on Floyd and Royal too. Every kitty home needs one of those squirrel theaters!

  15. Jimmy is a very handsome cat. I'd say that's a win-win for Jimmy and the Squirrel (which sounds like a band name).



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