Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Biscuit, Marie-Noir and a Match

We're starting off today with a lovely little pair from our past - Biscuit and Marie-Noir Suprenant!

Here's dear Biscuit as a wee little lady.


And the floof beauty, Marie-Noir.


And here's an update from Molly, their mom!

Hi Laurie,

It's been a few years, but I thought I'd send you an update on the girls. They've turned into wonderful, talkative, floofy, happy cats. They have a brother, Jean Luc, and they all adore each other. They take turns sleeping, grooming each other and zooming around the house at top speed. Often I'll end up with all three napping on my lap.

 Biscuit (or as we call her, Temperance, or Tempe for short) is just as excited to give nose-kisses and knead as when she was a kitten. She sloooowly scootches up from your lap, to your tummy, to your chest, to around your neck if you'll let her, kneading all the way. Her noises are amazing and she is just absolutely beautiful. Sometimes she decides she's tired of being beautiful and zooms around the house with her ears pinned back, a goofy look on her face, causing trouble with her siblings (she never finishes what she starts) and making the most outrageous and amusing sounds.

Marie-Nior (or Constance) was definitely the shy one, but especially over the last year has become a delicate-voiced, richly-colored and outgoing lady. In the sunlight, she shines reddish with tabby markings (almost impossible to photograph!). She is by far the best hunter - despite being an indoor-only cat, she's caught two birds!! She loves burrowing under blankets and will even paw at you to get under a blanket-tent made by your knees. She is also the most aggressive for cuddles in the morning, if we let her in. She digs under pillows and blankets to find hands to nudge under and demand pets. It is incredibly endearing. Jean Luc is a squashy-faced, snuffly-nosed and super-plush buff boy, found by a friend and taken in to give him a good home. They love their big brother, and he loves them. He's the goofiest, chillest of the bunch.

 Hope you enjoy, 


I did enjoy!  Thank you for sharing, Molly!  It's so nice seeing the girls again and meeting their brother too!  What a happy little bunch!

If you like Alumni Week, and I think you do,  you're going to LOVE today!   Let me explain..

Our awesome anonymous donor is back to today with a huge $2500 match!  She'll be matching our donations, dollar-for-dollar, until we reach the $2500 cap.   The match ends at 9:00 PM tonight (Pacific TIme) so we've got about 12 hours to make it happen.

To make things a little more exciting,  and help us meet the match sooner rather than later today,  I'll be posting another alumni update every time we bring in another $500 in donations.   SO if we meet the match, we'll see five more updates before the day is out!   I'm prepping the posts now, and I'll be watching the FUNdraising site close, so I'll do my very best to post the moment we roll past each $500.

It's going to be FUN!

To have your dollars doubled, and help us get closer to our goal, please visit our FUNdraising page!

Thank you awesome anonymous donor for bringing yet another great match to the table.   And thank you Molly for the update.  And thank you everyone for all this amazing support.


  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! And adorable!

  2. You totally know kittens are our crack. "Here have some more alumni updates." :)

  3. Ha! You can tell Tempe and Constance are rascallion girls because the only way to get a picture of them is when they're napping! So great to see yet more alumni happy, healthy and in a very loving home!

  4. Oh, the darling Suprenant sisters, what tiny charmers they were!! How delightful to catch up with them and learn how they're enchanting their family.

  5. It's been said before but I'll say it again. If the NPR fundraisers were half as entertaining and cute as the IBKC FUNdraising extravaganza, I'd give every time!

  6. I love that they get along so well, even though only two are from the same litter. All of mine (three) love to pretend they live in a one-cat household. They tend to give each other a wide berth, and when they don't, sparks fly. I would love to see them cuddle, but the youngest one is eight, so I guess it's never going to happen in my house. Love the alumni updates!

  7. How gorgeous these girls turned out! I love that last picture - three adorable cats napping in a row.

  8. What a happy kitty family! It's wonderful to see now-Temperance and Constance with their brother from another mother. They look like a very floofy, contented pile of kitties.

  9. "Temperance" and "Constance" -- love it!!
    And with Jean Luc, what a lovely trio they make.

    And such lovely, detailed descriptions by Mom Molly.

    Alumni Week is so exciting!

  10. Love seeing the lovely girls...and their new brother.

  11. That's what I like to see, cats who know that sleeping is an art, and must be practiced regularly to hone that art. Great kitties!!

  12. Pretty girlies!

    Patti in KY

  13. What magnificent cats! I've always wondered how the other Suprenants grew up, and it's a treat to see them and their brother.

  14. Marie-Noire was one of my favourite IBKs. It's good to see her again. As the owner of a black cat, I advise taking her photo against a white curtain or backdrop in direct sunlight. Strong diffused light brings out the details in my cat, who is otherwise two golden eyes hovering in the dark :)



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