Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Small Update!

Oh, the Smalls.  How we loved our Smalls.
Today, Mr Sol Small is paying us a visit.  First, let's take a look at Sol when he was small.

Very small.


And here's the big boy today!


MAN, is he handsome!

Here's what his Mama Abby has to say about her not-so-small Small...

 He is such a character. I don't think he is full grown yet, but he is getting taller and lankier as time goes on. His coloring has also gotten darker. Most notably though is that he is an absolute lover of all people. He wants to love everyone, all of the time. Sol greets me at the door every day when I get home, sometimes half asleep looking like he dragged himself out of a nap to be there.

Baby blues.

He wants to meet every new person that comes through the door. When we first exchanged emails I said I was looking for a cat that was people oriented and boy did you deliver!

Cat weekend.

 Sol has an evolving but very positive relationship with our older cat, Apollo. Apollo used to bathe him and they would cuddle. Now there is more wrestling and playing, but they still get on very well and I think Apollo seems less anxious when we get back from being away. They are without a doubt very good friends. We have a friend staying with us this week who is an emergency vet and she has been very impressed that they get along so well. She also can't stop talking about what a sweetheart he is. If I had to rank Sol's biggest interests I think it would be: 1) people, 2) plastic springs (actually these may be #1!) 3) Apollo 4) birds outside. 

  Reaching for it.

Thank you for this wonderful update and lovely photos, Abby!  We're so happy he's so happy with you!  And we're so happy you're so happy with him!

$1000 of our match has been met, $1500 to go! If you're in the position to give, please pop on over to our FUNdraising page, and make a tax-deductible donation to help cats and kittens find fabulous homes, just like Sol did!

Once we bring in another $500, I'll be back with another alumni update!


  1. Still adorable Mr Small!! <3

  2. Oh, Sol! I have a particular weakness for Siamese kitties; I grew up with them, and Sol is my very favorite kind of beautiful blue-eyed beauty. He is turning into a truly stunningly beautiful cat!

  3. Sol has become incredibly handsome and a credit to his friend & mentor Charlene!

    Glad he is helping his furbro deal with anxiety, too.

  4. How one so small could grow so tall. And what a handsome lovey-dovey!

  5. How T-A-L-L is Sol Small??

    We did love the Smalls, and it is SO nice to hear about handsome, happy, stuffed-full-of-love Sol! I just adore how he meets you at the door, and that he and Apollo get along so well. (Hi, Apollo. Nice to meet you!)

  6. He IS handsome!

    Patti in KY

  7. Oh, Sol!! I remember your precious little grumpy babyface (not that you ever were actually grumpy). You and your siblings were a very special bunch. In fact, you were the ones that inspired me to want to adopt a whole litter the next time around. It's so good to see you, sweetheart! xoxo

  8. Sol is very handsome, and looooong. Gibson is my long cat, and I love to see him stretch.
    What a wonderful update!

  9. Sol Small is not so small anymore but a handsome fellow he is. And he must have been saving his treat money too since I see he donated back to the IBKC - it is truly a testament to the well adjusted kittens you, Craig and Bean nurture until they find that perfect forever home that their families stay so involved. Well done Sol Small, well done Sol's parents and furbrother and well done IBKC!

  10. Darling Sol, my all-time favourite <3



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