Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Match and Then a Movie

Well that last match was a real nail biter!  With seconds to spare,  and I mean SECONDS to spare, we met Mary's match.  I don't think it's every been as close as that!

But we did it!

A huge thank you to Mary for her lovely match and to all of you fine folks who made those donations to help us meet it!


And now, it's time for round two!

Our friend Sarah E. is sponsoring the next match.
I know there are a lot of Sarah's around here,  so to clarify, it's not Charlene's foster mom Sarah, or the Sarah who's on our fundraising team, or Sarah, daughter of Wylla Barnsness.  This is Sarah E, friend to the kitties.  (Not to imply that the other Sarahs are friends to the kitties)

Recently, Sarah  found a tiny kitten in her yard - it was barely a month old. There was no mama to be found, so she took it in, then went to the vet with the little one.  I'm sorry to report, this story doesn't have a happy ending.  As it turns out, this wee kitten had rabies, and it passed.  And because she was exposed to this, Sarah E had to go through a series of shots.

In honor of this dear kitten, Sarah wanted the money raised in her match to go towards vaccines and medical care for the shelter cats and kittens.

Until 4:00 PM, or until we reach her $500 cap,  Sarah will be matching your donations.   Should we meet it early, all the donations we collect until 4:00 PM, will be earmarked for vaccines and medical care too.

Thank you for being so generous and thinking of others during what I can imagine is a difficult time.  And thank you for doing all you could to help that little kitten out.  I'm glad to know he felt your love during his last moments on Earth.

To honor this kitten and help us meet Sarah's match, please visit our Firstgiving page.

Thank you!

Now please give me a few moments, and I've got a little Wylla and Bean movie to share with you.  I wanted to get this match rolling first.  Please stay tuned.



  1. Thank you so much Sarah, for being so generous and also so kind to that poor little kitten. Thanks to you and the amazing people at the HS it got some love and care instead of being scared and alone in its last hours. You are a wonderful friend to the kitties!

  2. And of course huge thanks to Mary too for being such a fantastic, generous friend of the IBKC!

  3. Well for crying out loud, every time I think I'm going to harden my heart and not donate ANY MORE, you post something that makes me all teary. Bravo, Sarah, for seeing an upside to your unpleasant and sad experience. Off to the FUNraising page I go!



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