Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Can Still Help Those Special Ones

DSC_0678 Good morning, friends.  Normally I like to sleep in a little later on Saturday morning, but I wanted to get up early today to deliver a little reminder.

We have until 9:00 AM Pacific Time (that's 1.5 hours left) to add a little more to our fund for the special needs cats and kittens at Humane Society.

Maybe with the time we have left we can bring in enough to cover the cost of a trip or two to a specialist for a special needs cat or kitten.

Every bit helps - $5 or $500,  when we pool our donations together and make great things happen.


Wylla Stout

To help the special needs cats and kittens out today, please visit our FUNdraising page and make a tax-deductible donation.

Thanks you!


  1. Those colors really compliment your spectacular floofery! <3

  2. Dear sweet Wylla. You are going to need quite the nap later today, since you were up VERY late last night answering the phones. And your eyes aren't even at half-mast >o_o<

  3. Wee Wylla, you little early bird - your persuasive ways are too hard to resist! My kitties and I made a donation before the deadline. Bless the IBKC and kitty lovers all over.

  4. Wylla's still so tiny! Putting her on the set really shows that she doesn't look much bigger than the kittens from previous years (excluding Kisses, of course!). Is she up to 3 pounds yet, Laurie?



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