Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Live from the IBKC FUNdraising Headquarters - It's Beanies's Turn

WOW!  We had a really incredible start to our fundraiser!   Thanks to all of you, and Cynthia and her awesome matching donation, our first-day total is just a few hundred shy of $7000!  I think we may have set a new record!  I can see by our stats that everyone was checking in all day long.  We were doing the same - it's so exciting to see the total grow.

Wylla did a remarkable job handling the huge call volume yesterday, so we're giving her today off.  Bean has volunteered to cover the phones, and she is ready to take your calls!  

OK, Friends.  I am here for you. 


I am completely dedicated to our cause, and I am sacrificing MANY naps today to be here today to take your calls.  


But I guess I could take a wee nap.  Would anyone really notice?  That couch is looking pretty comfy. I'm sure I would wake up if the phone rang.  


No. No.  I can't.  I am here to help the homeless cats and kittens.  But that couch. So comfy. And this set - it's just a warm fuzzy box. And our friends can always make their tax-deductible donations online....    


  1. *pets Bean on the head* There,there, dear Beanie. We know cats can sleep and hear things at the same time, like phones. Or snacks being served. And we will love you no matter what, just like you love all the itty bitty kitties.

  2. Poor Bean. We ask a lot of you, don't we? Try not to look so sour(puss) and go ahead, take a snooze. We'll just use the link you posted ....

  3. Growing up with cats, it was very difficult for me to adjust to living without any as I married a man with a strong allergy to them. Finding this blog was a sanity saver. Anytime I feel the need for a kitty fix, I come here and poke around for a while and I'm satiated for at least five minutes. ;)
    Charlene Butterbean is the cutest cat and I wish her, Wylla and all of the IBKC luck in your FUNdraising.

  4. I know that items get recycled between sets, but do they get a proper show, ie at the Dog a thon or at reception of the Humane Society. I'm sure people would pay to have they kitty photographed on set especially if there were life sized cutouts of the Ban and Wyalla

    1. That would be so cute! :) Have your kitties photo taken in the IBKC set!
      I'd love to get a tour of the set someday - that couch does look very comfy!

  5. Congrats on the great start! I'm so glad to be a new fan of the IBKC. I WAS checking in all day and was cheering when the goal was met to match Cynthia (Wow, so awesomely generous!) I think the idea to take kitty pictures on the set is wonderful. Wish we lived closer :)

  6. Beanie is such a pretty girl!

    *gives ear scritches*

  7. Is that a pedestal table this year? How adorable is it? And how cute is the Bean on set? It sure gives some perspective on how itty bitty the kittens in previous years have been. :)

  8. Dear beloved Miss Bean, I'm sure an ittybitty nap would be ok. . . right next to the phone! You'd pounce on it the instant you heard it, I know. Please accept sincere snorgles from your fans in California!

  9. Bean you are so kind to give your little sis a break on the phones. And your elegance is unmatched. You look lovely.

  10. Sooooo happy to see the Bean! <3



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