Friday, June 28, 2013

Calicos Helping Cats!

Our dear friends over at Libertine Tacoma, purveyors of the tastiest artisan salts you'll ever taste, are showing their support by donating a portion of each sale of their "Calico Custom Gourmet Salt Blend" to the Human Society.

The Calico Blend includes Himalayan Pink Salt, Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Sea Salt and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt.  The color resembles a calico kitty - thus the name.  I haven't had the pleasure of sampling this one yet, but we have at least half a dozen of their salts in our spice drawer, and they all are amazing.

Please pop on over to their shop, pick up a vial of Calico Custom Gourmet Salt Blend, and help the cats and kittens out!  And be sure to check out her other tasty offerings while you're there.

Thank you for your generosity, Libertine friends!  Thank you for choosing to support our Humane Society!


  1. What a cute idea! I do a cat themed basket every year for a friend on her birthday, this will be a perfect addition.

    -Mary Louise

  2. That is very nice! I just clicked over to the Calico Custom Salt page, and the proprietor wrote a lovely paragraph which even mentions Wylla, on whose behalf the donation to the HS is being made! :)

  3. These sound great--ordered a "Wylla" and another as well.

  4. YUM! and there's a bee on the label! Cats & bees are two things that make this beekeeper happy! :)

  5. I would love to order some! Have actually just ran out of fancy salt.... but they don't ship to Canada? :(

    1. Hi Ali,

      Just message me your address and I will get a shipping quote for you. I have shipped to Canada a few times and it has worked out fine. Thank you so much!


    2. oooh very good to know. thanks! :)
      (just saw your reply now)

  6. 12 bottles toward birthday & Christmas baskets. I love getting my shopping done early!



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