Sunday, April 14, 2013

We Love Wylla, But...

Hey All,

There seems to be a lot of wishes and suggestions that we keep Wylla.  I've addressed this in the comment section and Charlene has on Facebook and Twitter too, and with hopes of reaching everyone so we don't have to say it again, I'm addressing it here.

We have no plans to keep Wylla.

We love her dearly, yes, and we'll keep her here until she's bigger, stronger, healthier and ready to move on, but this is not her forever home, this is her foster home.

There's a chance she may outgrow her condition but there's a chance she won't. With this condition, she requires a lot of time and attention which I am completely happy to give her now, but honestly, she's more work than a whole litter of kittens and if we kept her, it would be really difficult to continue to foster too.   Nearly impossible, in fact.

I know you all love her and would love to see her stay, but that is not the plan.

Okey dokey?

Thank you for understanding.

Now, please return to your spring cleaning, that very good book you were reading,  the pre - Madmen cocktail mixing or whatever it was you were doing when I interrupted your day with this announcement.

We'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Bless you for taking care of her, and also for knowing your limits. I just know Wylla will find an amazing home when she is ready for it! And I hope she outgrows her condition...but if she doesn't, her forever home will be amazing, because you're good at finding the best matches for all of your Itty Bitty Kitties.

  2. I think we all struggle with wanting Wylla - and every single one of the kittens you've fostered - to have a home with as much love and care as yours. We find it very difficult to believe that anyone could ever take care of them as well as you do. But - as we have seen in updates and comments many times over - there are lots of amazing homes, and somehow you manage to find the perfect ones. It's just tough to imagine that anywhere could possibly be so good for them :)

  3. It's okay, Laurie. I know Wylla was a bit overwhelmed by Audrey's crazypants, so I can definitely see how it makes sense for her to go to a quiet home rather than one with entire litters of kittens around frequently. She's a beautiful kitten, but letting her move on will let you foster other beautiful kittens, too.

  4. I am sure you will adopt another kitty when the time is right or you won't! I think what you do is awesome and if that means a 1 kitty household forever that is okay. Thank you both and Charleen for all your work.

  5. There is a splendid person or family out there who will understand what Wylla needs, be willing and able to give it, love her to pieces, and make her the happiest possible fluffbutton. And then you will be able to continue doing what you do so shiningly well for so many kittens. And so the world, thankfully, turns. :)

  6. I know i have in the past suggested you keep a kitten or two (maxine and linus). however, i know for me its all selfishness (we want to see these wonderful angels grow up), but also i think you should take it as a great compliment because you give these kittens such a great home that when a kitten doesnt find his forever home right away we say, what better home than with Charlene.

    but as we have to remember that the kittens are in foster homes, and they have to find their forever homes because more little kittens need Charlene Butterbean's Finishing School. If you had kepted Maxine or Linus, then what would have happened to Wylla? no, we need to get her better and into her forever home. so that more little kittens can attend the Finishing School

  7. Well said, Laurie. This way, MANY more itty bitty kitties get to come through your finishing school to train for better lives.

  8. Thanks are strong ...and wise.

  9. Amen!! I don't think any of us, with the possible exception of other fosterers, have any idea how much time and effort go into caring for a herd of itty bitties. And in addition to being a kitty wrangler, Laurie has a day job which occupies a considerable amount of her time.

    The decision to adopt is a very personal one, not something that's made on a whim, and certainly not just because a kitten is adorable (what itty bitty hasn't been?) or medically needy.

    I say we leave the the decision to Laurie, Craig and the Butterbean, and just continue to enjoy the work they do with the wonderful IBKC.

  10. Perhaps it is simply newer followers who dont understand the amazing work you do. It would be nice to follow her forever and maybe we will with her new mum/dad but the work you do is so much bigger than one adorable girl. If she could speak I'm sure she would agree.

  11. I know that if I was retired (way, way, way far away for now...) I would fly out to Seattle and come adopt that baby right now!! In the mean time, she's where she belongs and one day, hopefully sooner than later, 'cause there are other kittens in need of Bean's Charm School, she will find her furever home. I truly hope she doesn't have to wait on me!! Thanks for the post, we know, rather, I know, there will never be another Drewey and also, when the right new kitty comes along, we will be in the top 10 to know!! Thanks for all you do. Wylla's so precious, she will keep us entertained for a good long while (but hopefully not too long, ya hear me Wylla???)

  12. I have fostered and work with a local rescue. I can attest to the absolute need for foster homes. There is nothing harder than watching a sweet little kitten that you have loved and nurtured leave your home but it is tempered by the knowledge that it is for the best - every kitty should have the chance to be special to a family of its own. And by fostering you give that chance to so many - without your home and the homes of fosters across the country many animals would never have the chance to grow and find their forever homes. So bless you Laurie for all that you and Craig do - it is much appreciated!

  13. While we would LOVE to see you keep most any of the kittens you have and will foster, you do your best work fostering and finding them all good homes. Wylla is such a special case, and I think that's why we would love to know all about her happy ending. But, you and Charlene have more work to do with other litters. And I am absolutely positive you will find a perfect home for Wylla, and not let her go until she is physically ready.

  14. I know that Wylla's perfect forever home is out there, and you'll find it for her when she's ready. And, selfishly, that means we get to continue squeeing over more foster kitties who will attend Charlene's finishing school! Thanks for saying it so nicely that you're not in the market for a second permanent cat, no matter how adorable and floofy. Charlene is much too good a kitten trainer to deprive her of the chance to work her magic with more babies in the future! Not to mention you and Craig, of course. :)

  15. Think of how exciting it will be when that special person finally comes to get little Wylla! We're all gonna lose our marbles! :)

  16. The most frequent question/comment I get from people as a cat foster is "Isn't it hard to give them up?" and "I couldn't do it, I'd want to keep them all."

    I have my own cats that I love dearly. We are also a foster home. We give kitties a place to stay until they can find their forever homes. It would be irresponsible of us to OWN more cats than we already do.

    And honestly? Yes, kittens are cute and adorable. But they are also hyper, destructive, needy, and tend to need more medical attention. They are also developing their personalities - which yes, is fascinating to watch, but very young kittens are actually harder to get attached to than an adult who is already set in their ways and their capacity to show love is just so much greater than a kitten. It's the adults I have a harder time parting with.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Angelyco. While I don't foster in my own home, I volunteer with a cat rescue and care for the cats while they are in the adoption center, some of which take a long time to find a home. The adults are the ones who get in my heart. I do feel that their capacity for love is greater, or deeper at any rate. Kittens are adorable and fun to play with for short times, but I'm glad that I don't have primary care of them.

      I know plenty of "failed" fosters who have kept the cats/kittens they fostered. All too often it means they can't foster anymore. While it's great for that one cat, it means that fewer cats can be helped since we depend on foster homes to determine how many cats we take in. The exceptions are the one-time fosters who aren't set up to foster regularly but who take in one short-term and then fall in love and keep the cat.

  17. Laurie, I'm sure that you will find Wylla the perfect forever home at the perfect time. You have my complete support because I have seen the wonderful homes you have found for previous foster babies. You will make the right decision for Wylla at the right time!



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