Thursday, February 14, 2013

Royal Found His Palace!


Once I announced on the blog that Royal was still on the market, I got a flood of emails from interested parties.  The first was from Mari, and she sounded like the ideal candidate.

She shared a lot about herself and the life she lived with her handsome lilac point siamese mix.  She sounded like a sweet person and responsible pet owner, so I got right on the phone and gave her a call.

We chatted for a long time, and then set up a time for her to meet him.  The meeting part really was just a formality,  she wanted this boy, and I wanted this family for Royal.

So, on Friday evening she came down and scooped up sweet little Royal and off they went.    

I've gotten several updates from Mari already, and it's clear she's enchanted by this little prince.

The kitties aren't BFF yet, but each day shows improvements.  Royal is happy and comfortable,  and I'm sure it won't be too much longer before his big brother to feels the same way.   Last night they shared Mari's lap for a nap, which is an excellent sign that things are really progressing.

Charlene enjoyed the time she had with just Royal.  She gave him many baths, lots of love, and they had great times chasing each other all over the house.




After he left, you could tell she was exhausted.  She took many extra-long naps those first couple days - it's hard for a six-year-old lady to keep up with such a young thing!  

We enjoyed having this time with him too, but are so happy he found such a great home! That lucky boy is going to have a very good life.  I know Mari will give him the Royal treatment. 


  1. I love seeing the kittens with their gold medals. It gives me a feeling of closure as they go off to their homes. I wish him and his new family the best.

    Now poor Bean doesn't have much time to rest before the current litter is out of quarantine.

  2. Oh Ms. Butterbean - you're going to need 10 extra long naps after you've bathed and loved up those cute little Stouts! Good luck!

  3. A sweet story, and I am sure Royal's new big brother will take over the care and cuddling that ButterBean is famous for.
    Congrats to Mari for getting that Royal boy!!!

  4. Lucky Royal, and Mari! I'm glad they found each other. And sharing a lap is quite a big step towards becoming friends. :)
    Please give the Bean a kiss on the head for me.

  5. You and Bean are so special to nurture these babies and then be able to give them up to wonderful homes. I love this blog!

  6. Yay Mr. Royal!! So happy to hear your departure tail... Congrats to all!

  7. Aww, I think she is missing him already. Will Bean ever have a kitty of her own?

    1. She's not. She gets how this works and knows there will be more.

      Please visit the FAQ section for the answer to your question.

    2. I agree completely with your reasoning. But what about a toy stuffed "kitten" or teddy bear? Or does she prefer the real thing (kittens not bears)?

      Wait, maybe giving her a toy kitten is a bad idea. My cat Lena will carry her ball around at night and meow loudly to get me to play with her. Bean could do the same.

  8. Yay for Royal and Mari!

    I had to laugh at the pictures of Royal and Bean. He has this 'When will this torture end?' look on his face that's hard not to LOL at. Bean's an excellent foster mom and she deserves the rest after making sure the Tiptons were up to snuff.

  9. I love when Dean Bean gets a little extra time with one of her students.

  10. Sounds like Royal got quite the wonderful new home!

    And Charlene got to administer one 'final' tuneup of that luscious Tipton fur!

  11. Royal's new mom is one lucky lady. Two wonderful kitties to share her lap already? Could life get any better, especially when one of them is precious little floofy Royal? Have fun with your new big brother, little one!

  12. That second photo has got to be one of the sweetest ever.

  13. Yay for Royal! And I absolutely love the bath pictures!

  14. Royal is so wonderful! And I don't care what you say about the meeting being a 'formality', I was just as nervous as if I were going to a job interview, hoping he would like me. :)

    I'm thrilled to be able to give a sweet little kitty a home and even more excited to be proud mama to an IBKC alumn. What a joy!

  15. Congrats Mari! You have a precious boy there. I wish I lived out that way to be a proud mama to an IBKC alumn too! I hope you enjoy many fun and floof filled years with your new buddy!

  16. Bye-bye Royal! You are the sweetest young man. Charlene knows!

    Congrats to your mom Mari, and don't be a stranger, little floofypants :)

  17. Thank you Mari. I know I speak for many of us when I say how happy we are Royal went to a good home. I wish you many years of happiness together.



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