Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pretty Boy Floyd Picks His Girl




Just days after the Tiptons arrived and I introduced them on the IBKC, I got an email form Kathy, who was in search of a fluffy kitten for her daughter Sarah.

The family has another cat, a year-old girl named Misty, but she's shared between seven family members and more than anything, Sarah wanted a kitten to love and call her very own.

At that point in time,  the Tiptons weren't quite ready to receive guests - they were too busy hiding and hissing.   Sarah and her family waited patiently for the kittens to settle into our home and come out of their shells, and once they did, we set up an appointment for a meet and greet.

When Sarah and family arrived, we sat down and watched the Tiptons bounce around and we discussed the merits of each kitten.  This kitten-picking business was serious stuff, and it was clear  that Sarah wanted to be sure to make the right choice.   Of course, when you're picking a kitten from a set of three adorable Tiptons, there is no wrong choice to be made!

While we chatted, Floyd stopped for a moment and cuddled up right next to Sarah's foot. This tipped the scale in Floyd Tipton's favor, and it was decided, he was the one.

Sarah picked her kitten.  Floyd picked his girl.  

In the excitement of it all, the family forgot to bring their kitty carrier along, so I found a box in our basement, lined it with a blanket, and labeled it accordingly.  


And off they went.


Good bye, Floyd!

We're so thrilled you found a sweet little girl to give you all the love you deserve.  You're going to be so happy together.  


  1. 'escuse me, can some one please explain how I ended up inside the box if this is the only opening??? Happy, happy for Floyd! (And maybe Opal the human not Opal the kitten can give Sarah some kitten wrangling tips, or at least fund raising tips....)

  2. He's just so stinkin' cute. What a lucky boy to have found Sarah, and she's a very lucky girl to have fallen in love with such a sweet kitty.

  3. Oh my gosh, that box photo is just too sweet! I am sure Floyd will be much loved my his girl Sarah, and hopefully Misty takes a liking to her new baby brother too! :)

  4. Hooray of accurate product labeling!

    1. Indeed. I love that picture. One very hairy kitten, indeed. *G* Happy day for Floyd!

  5. Gorgeous Floyd. I am SO looking forward to seeing pix of Floyd with his new girl! And with his big sis, too! Charlene prepared him for that.

  6. I'm going to be getting a kitten in the spring and I hope this is exactly how it happens. The kitten picks me. So cute! I hope he has a great new home!!

    Ergo - Blog

  7. I can't wait to see a picture of Floyd with his new kitty sister!! Hope Sarah sends an update of their first meeting :)

  8. That first photo -- WOW. Just perfect. If the kitty cards ever make another appearance, that should make the cut!

  9. Awww, that's so sweet! My now-12-year-old tabby girl picked me when she was a kitten - jumped up to play as soon as I walked in the room then settled down to nap on my shoulder after she got tuckered out. It's just the best feeling to be chosen by a kitty!

  10. We hope the Tiptons new families will share pics of them! Congrats to them all for getting their forever homes. We will miss their cute faces, but we know you will have another set of kittens very soon!

  11. Wishing him a long and happy life.

  12. Well done, Sarah, for waiting for the right kitten to pick you! You are going to have tons of fun and floofs for years and years! And the cat carrier label is FAB!

  13. Another happy forever home story. Sarah and Floyd were made for each other. Love his sweet face, he will be the best kitty friend ever.

  14. Hooray for Furry, Fluffy boy Floyd and his excellent skills in finding his little girl.

    Another bittersweet moment brought to us by the IBKC

  15. Kittens have a special wisdom designed for picking their perfect forever families - looks like Floyd was spot-on in picking Sarah. Absolutely wonderful!

  16. Aww, lovely... :)
    And I too got a kick out of the accurate product labeling!

  17. I'm happy for him but sad at the same time that the other kittens lost their brother.

  18. Yes, this seems like some all around great IBKC vibes where the Universe once again delivered a perfect family (and little girl! Or maybe, as others have suggested, Opal-the-Human-Not-Opal-the-Kitten had some kitten wrangling magic to do with it!

  19. I love it when cats decide. After losing my last cat, I was devastated and not sure if I was going to get another, but while visiting a relative a few months later, at six weeks old, my current kitty (5 this month) clawed his way up my jeans, curled up on my lap and went to sleep... the rest of the kittens ignored me completely! Decision made :)

    That hairy kitten box photo is brilliant... wishing Sarah and Floyd a happy life together xxx

  20. Floyd is a beautiful, photogenic little boy; I do hope we get to see pictures of him with his new big sister. Not to mention his new young human. They are going to have fun together, I do believe!

    I have a complaint, though -- I've got a bunch of those boxes in my house, but none of them have that label or the sweet kitty peeking out through the handle hole! What have I done wrong? :)



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