Thursday, December 20, 2012

Silent Night

It's quiet around here without the Loudermilks running wild and ringing bells on our Christmas tree. I have to say, the silence is kind of nice. It's also nice having a break from monitoring the Christmas tree, which almost became a full time job during the Loudermilk's stay with us. Fortunately, not a single ornament was damaged or broke by a kitten this year (though I did drop and shatter one all by myself).

 The past few months have been crazy and full. It's been mostly good stuff and opportunities too good to pass up, so there's not much room to complain, but it's been nuts, so this quiet is much appreciated.

 I won't be racing down to the shelter to pick up more babies. The plan is to take a couple of weeks off to get through the holidays and catch up on life. During this stretch, I'll be blogging, but just lightly, so please don't expect to see a fresh post up every day.

 I know it's a hectic time for everyone, so you probably won't even notice anyway!

I do have a few pictures of Graham to share with you today. I took these moments before we packed him up, and took him to his lovely new home.

 I just love his expressive little face.






 A couple of things before I sign off today:

 There are still sets of the fabulous IBKC ornaments available in Chandler's shop. If you need a great gift for a kitty lover in your life, or would care to treat yourself, please pick up a set!

 A few of you had asked me to share some images of the completed holiday houses Cyrus was inspecting HERE during their early stages. I wrote a post about the event I made them for, and you can read all about them HERE.   Warning:  All crafts, no cats!

 Graham's adoption story is turning into the feel-good story of the season! It's been reposted HERE and HERE! Welcome new readers!!

I'll be back Monday with a post.  Have a great weekend, everyone.
(Unless the world ends, of course.)  




  1. Graham certainly does have aan expressive face, and such big round eyes. He is a darling.
    Have a wonderful holiday, Laurie. You certainly deserve a good, restful break!! Hugs and Purrs to you!

  2. Love little Graham, but my goodness those holiday houses you decorated are gorgeous!! The tablescape was sooo beautiful. Good Job! You should consider selling them next year and make them available to your online fans as well!

  3. Aww... he looks a little concerned! "Where you takin' me, Momma?" However, we all know he had a happy ending! Those Loudermilks -- such sweet boys - I'll sure miss them!

    Oh -- and my tree is not safe, even though my youngest cat is 2 years old!

  4. Graham looks quite solemn, like he knows the important part he's just about to play in a family's life! His expressive little face reminds me so much of my Rebus.

    Enjoy the Holidays, you've more than earned the peace and quiet!

  5. Graham is really expressive-he was rumpus-face kitty too, wasn't he? You really deserve a break-I will look forward to whatever you do have time to post over the next two weeks-Happy Holidays!

  6. If tomorrow is the end of the world, I'll make sure I'm looking at IBKC, and go out with a smile. I'll be holding Lilybutter, too...

  7. The photos of little Graham are adorable!

    I checked out your other blog and your work is stunning. Wow!

  8. Let's just hope Graham's new brother doesn't chew on his whiskers for a change!

    Those houses are absolutely beautiful!!! The detail is just amazing...I found myself staring to see all the little surprise elements just as I'm sure your client's guests did!

  9. Oh how could you bear to let him go? He's adorable! We haven't read his story yet but we are going to RIGHT NOW!

    PURRS & happy holidays!


  10. The world needs a story like the Gift of Graham :) and you, Craig and Bean need to have a wonderful Christmas holiday to rest up for 2013. Your decorations are beyond gorgeous, I can't imagine being creative for a living, that gene skipped me I guess, but you do an awesome job - this blog is proof of your many talents, Laurie. Merry Christmas to all IBKC fans around the world! From me and my kitties....

  11. I am in total awe of your work for your client's party. It is stunning.

    Enjoy your break, you've earned it and then some.

  12. I didn't know which blog to post on!! But this is the one I come to daily. Or more :-) Thank you thank you thank you for feeding my kitten needs and not adopting outside YOUR area. I have 7 right now plus a visitor, a young man in the Air Force in need of a temporary home for his kitty, she may leave as soon as this weekend. All my babies found their way to my home via the street, literally and there is a possiblity that I will get my mom's three in a few months as she may be moving to an apartment (she's 89) so while I can't get any, I love - and who doesn't - love kittens!! Again, thank you for what you do here, not so much for us but for the kittens. Enjoy the holidays and the quite. We will be here when you get the next bunch!! (and where did you get those teeny tiny light? I LOVE them!!) and I just realized I did not say anything about the stunningness of your little house project, it was the ult!! Maybe better than last year. Loved the ghost chairs, they caught my eye at the first glance, there, very cool but not detracting... Congrats on another success! May you get 'the call' again next year! Thank you again and Merry Christmas. Fran

  13. Laurie - you are so talented! A kitty wrangler extraordinaire - and OMG! those decorations! Wow!
    I hope you, Craig, & the Bean have some lovely holiday & quiet time - and I know I'll be checking in to see what's up - especially come the new year!

  14. Hi, I just wanted to say that this is the best cat adoption website I have yet to see. Thank you for all the great work you do for the kitties and the amazing website!

  15. Is there anything cuter than a kitty with it's tongue out? Yes, yes there is, it's a kitten with it's tongue out!
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  16. You enjoy your well-deserved break. Every batch of kittens was wonderful and had happy endings. But you really outdid yourself this time. I hope you and your family happy and quiet holiday.

  17. The Gift of Graham is on Cheezburger as well as Buzzfeed and Pressan:



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