Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kittens for YOUR Christmas Tree!

I've been squeeing with delight over these cuties, and I am SO excited to share them with you today.


Months and months ago, my fabulous illustrator/printmaker friend, Chandler O'Leary, shared the idea of creating limited edition set of IBKC ornaments.  I fell in love with her songbird ornaments last year (please check them out, they're adorable) and the idea of our kitties presented in a similar format, thrilled me to no end.    


As you know, we've had a few kittens in our care over the years, so narrowing it down to just six for this set of ornaments was no easy task.  In the end, we felt a variety of kitten colorings and poses was the route to go. 

In the set, we have a reclining Ms Butterbean in her favorite chair, Pearla Dearborn and her button nose, a prim and proper Victoria Anne McGillicudy,  Baxter Lamm in a ball, dear Clovis Ashby with his little pink tongue  and a modest, wide-eyed Aloysius Petrie.    

Chandler generously calls this a collaboration, but she's the star in this show.  She created the beautiful illustrations based on my photographs, carved the blocks,  printed and hand-painted every single image.  I just did a little cutting and gluing.   

She wrote up a detailed post about the ornaments and every step in the labor-intensive process which you can read all about it HERE on her blog.     

If you would like a litter of limited edition kittens for your tree, or for holiday gift-giving, please visit Chandler's Etsy shop. A portion of the profits will be donated to the Emergency Pet Food Bank at our Humane Society. 



While visiting her shop, please check out her other lovely offerings, like those fabulous songbirds




I am so in love with the end results, they truly are gorgeous, and I hope you feel the same.   Each is a work of art, and worth every penny.  I've got my set hanging on the tree, and they look fabulous.   Thank you, Chandler, for sharing your awesome talent with the IBKC.  

PS In unrelated news, I'm going to temporarily turn on "comment moderation".  I've been getting too many spammy comments, which is driving me bonkers, and I need to try to discourage that for a spell.  Once things settle down,  I'll switch it back.  


  1. I cannot imagine a better present for anyone who loves kitties and wants to support a good cause (or causes), with the bonus of supporting such awesome peeps like you and Chandler.

    These are TOO AWESOME!

  2. WOWeeeee! Fantastic!

  3. This just represents everything that's best about the IBKC community: kittens, artistic creativity, kittens, creative collaboration, kittens, donating to help needy animals, kittens, Charlene, kittens...

  4. Lily and Siam's mommyDecember 4, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    I LOVE this! IBKC kittehs in Christmas form. That's a lovely thought and love the decorations!

  5. EEEEEK!! I can have Pearla and Charlene on my tree!

  6. Got mine! Just gotta get the tree up. But I have a feeling they could become more than ornaments. I'm thinking maybe a mobile!

  7. Ours are ordered!! Can't wait to hang them up!! Love the mobile idea...

  8. Pearla is on her way to my house and I could not be happier.



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