Monday, October 29, 2012

The Last Small Goodbye







 I got an email with "Help, need more kitties in my life!" in the subject line.    It was from Joe, and he and his fiance,  Margaretta,  were in search of pair of spirited kittens who like interacting with people.

Spirited kittens who like interacting with people?

Sounds like our Smalls.

So, Joe and Margaretta came over to meet Violet and Liam, the available pair.  The meeting went great,     our guests were both struck by the beauty and sweetness of the kittens, and it was decided that Violet and Liam were to be theirs.     We were thrilled with this decision - Joe and Magaretta are very nice folks.

The day after Liam and Violet were adopted, I got an email from Joe.  It sounds like things are going really great and the Smalls settled in quickly.   They let the kittens sleep with them on the first night, but found that they were SO affectionate, they couldn't get a good night's sleep.   That came as no surprise.  They are VERY affectionate, especially Violet.

Our kittens sound happy, and that makes me very happy.    We founds some incredible families for all these Smalls.  If you met them, I know you would approve!

So, what's next?  I am in the THICK of it right now with my work, and I'm not ready to to take in another batch yet.  The first couple of weeks with a new litter can be very demanding, and I need to wait until things settle down a bit before take more kitties in.   In the mean time, I've got a few more photos of the Smalls to share, and some alumni updates too, so I'll keep blogging until I'm ready to take in the next batch.

Please stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like another great placement! They look so bonded and happy. Enjoy your kitty-pause, and I sm sure Bean will do her part to spread kitty luv--and fur--everywhere!

  2. Glad to hear all is well, as much as we love new babies, we like updates on the graduates!!

  3. Liam and Violet are so sweet together. I love how violet's head looks like it just flopped onto Liam in the 1st picture.

    Lucky family!

    I figured a 'busy break' would be coming seemed like it approaching your fall\holiday obligation.

  4. That's very sweet. So glad they found a good family. I hope we get to see them with their gold medals. I get a sense of closure when I see those photos.

    Take all the time you need you deserve a break.

  5. Congrats on yet another brilliant success placing the itty bitties. Such a sweet family.

  6. Oh my goodness, they are the cutest things. I wish them a long and happy life.

  7. This is a precious and unexpected pairing, but Liam and Violet are both so sweet it makes sense. They are both velvety little meezer dolls and knowing they'll be together makes my heart burst. xoxo tiny ones -- you will be missed.

    *tears for goodbye to all the Smalls*

  8. Liam and Violet are such a beautiful pair of sweeties, absolutely wonderful about their new forever homes. Sounds like a great happy beginning. That is funny about the kittens being too affectionate to allow their new parents to get a good night's sleep!
    Laurie, have a good break, you earned a rest from the itty bitties plus I am sure Butterbean would like to have your full attention. Take care!!

  9. They are positively adorable, and sweet looking! I am not surprised that they are so affectionate. I am willing to lose sleep, just to wake up in the middle of the night to purrs and headbonks anytime! Congratulations, Joe, Margaretta, Liam, and Violet! What a great family!!! And Laurie, thanks for all you do for the babies. I enjoy sharing your adventures. Enjoy your much-deserved break!

  10. What a lucky couple to be the perfect family for Violet and Liam. I can identify with the sleepless night...but love the critters anyway. Thank you for all you do - both for the babies, and for your blog fans. I love following the itty-bitties!

  11. Blessings all around, and hooray for Liam and Violet! It's so sweet to have a pair of cuddlers (voice of experience here). What a pair of beauties. Candace is right- lucky couple, lucky kitties. Three cheers for Laurie, who makes it all happen.

  12. Hurray for all the Smalls finding lovely new homes. This is a great set of photos of Liam and Violet. Every time I look at a photo of Liam all I can think is "I was born to nap, baby."

  13. Such sweet pictures, and such sweet kittens. I'm so thankful that they found good humans to take care of. I imagine Liam and Violet are fond of taking care of humans. :)

  14. Violet sure is dedicated to keeping those paws pristine-clean!

  15. So happy for everyone! Is it ok to say that Liam and Violet were my favorites? Though I honestly wouldn't have said no to any of the Smalls, given a choice :D

  16. Cuddly kitties are the best, and it sounds as if Liam and Violet landed with humans who understand how to cuddle properly -- as well as to enjoy their liveliness! Have a great life, you two, and don't forget to write occasionally! :)



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