Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pearl's New World


Back in the fall, Beegee said goodbye to a dear feline friend, Coda.   After some time and healing, she was ready to bring a kitten or two back into her life.    She watched our litters come and go, and followed  many other websites and rescues too, in hopes of finding kitties she could really connect with, just like she did with Coda.

In July, she found Makai at a kitty rescue up north and brought him into her life.   They've been quite happy together, but she was feeling they might be even happier if Makai had a little kitten friend.

Here's lovely Makai.

July 2012 (9)

When I introduced the Petries on the IBKC,  Pearl caught Beegee's eye.   She came for a visit, and it was clear Pearl was meant to be hers too.  A connection was made.

The Petrie boys all left Friday night, so for several days, we had Pearl all to ourselves.   We got to know her a little better, and enjoyed our time alone with her.  

She is a dear, dear affectionate little girl and I know Beegee is going to adore her.  I'm sure Makai will love his new sister too.  You can't help but love Pearl Mae Petrie.  






Bye-bye, goofy girl.   We are so are thrilled you found a mama who searched so long and hard to find her way to you.    You deserve to be with someone that special.    

Thank you for adopting our girl Pearl, Beegee.     We wish you a long and happy life together.



  1. What a stunningly beautiful pair Makai and Pearl will make!

  2. Lucky little Pearl -- I know that you and your new mom (and brother) will have a wonderful life together, when you've been so carefully searched for! I'm so happy for all of you! And my, Makai is as beautiful a boy as you are a girl; I know the two of you will be a gorgeous pair!

    Beegee, don't forget to send pictures! :)

  3. I know from personal experience that grey kitties are exceptionally good at helping get over a loss. Yay for Pearl and yay for Beegee and Makai.

  4. This brought a tear to my eye-having lost my old Tortie girl about this time last year, I know from personal experience that nothing heals a heart like a rescue kitten, (or two). Best wishes to you Beegee, Makai, and Pearl Mae! I do hope we get updates!

  5. They will be a happy happy family!

  6. This is a truly dear story; the beautiful Makai and our dear Pearl (with that adorable nose) will be Forever Friends in the Forever Home with BeeGee, a wonderful person. May you all have happiness and great health!!

  7. never fails to feel a tug in my heart strings at stories like this, kitties and people finding each other. have a happy family.

  8. Lovely news :)

    Also - adorable pics of Pearl, almost a 'Baroo?' in the first few :-D

  9. Sometimes you just KNOW a kitten is yours. Congrats to Beegee on her new addition!

  10. that is so sweet - we are glad Beegee's heart opened up for 2 new kittens. Concats on the great new home Pearl!

  11. Beautiful new beginning for Pearl! So glad she has company!

  12. I love Pearl's little smile.

  13. What a wonderful dénouement for L'Histoire de Mlle. Pearl. Bonjour, fillette!

  14. Yay for Pearl's new family! She's got such a sweet expression

  15. Such a darling little one. I'm so glad for her, Beegee, and Makai.

  16. Hurray for Perfectly cute Pearl!
    She looks so proud of her Gold Medal in the first photo.

    Her head tilts are delightful...and did you *almost* catch her tongue out in the last picture?

  17. I've been following the Pterie story since it began on the blog and am so pleased that Pearl has found a wonderful new home. She made me wish that I lived close enough by to have adopted her! Love the blog, by the way - always makes me smile!



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