Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Sherman and Pheona Update!

I just got an update from Erika, mom to Sherman (now Gustav Sherman)  and Pheona (now Fiona) which I'm excited to share with you!  Here's what she had to say.


Hi Laurie, 

I thought I'd send you a little update on our little ones, as well as a couple pictures! As you may have seen in my blog, we made minor changes to their names, but wanted to keep them somewhat in tact. 

They are too much fun - and have adapted to our home very quickly! Whenever possible, they like to be in the same room as us, even if that means waking from a nap because when we leave a room - they pretty much follow us wherever we go. They snuggle with each other all the time, which is absolutely adorable! 


Fiona is the definition of "curiosity killed the cat" because she is always looking into things, poking into closets, peeking out windows, etc. As you can see in one of the pictures, she was eagerly waiting for Joe to come home! 

Gustav, on the other hand, is most happy sitting and purring in our laps. But overall, I think their motto is, "sleep hard, play harder." Now if only I could catch some of their crazy leaps, attacks and flips when they are playing together! 


Oh, and Gustav gives Fiona "kitty massages" ALL THE TIME! It's so funny. She just lays there and takes it too. I managed to catch it on video. 

 So glad we found kitties through you! We're quite happy with our two little furballs :) 

 Thanks, Erika

Thank so much for sharing, Erika!  I know they haven't been gone too long, but it sure is good to see them again!


  1. Erika, you made my day! Your adorable pair reminds me of my silver & gold pair of cuddlers. Yours are so sweet! Congrats on the purrrfect choice of kitties.

  2. So sweet! They look very happy in their new home - hooray for the kitties!

  3. They are adorable! I love that they are still wearing their going-home gold medals.

  4. Aww! Thanks for the update, Erika! They are so adorable, especially when they are cuddling! :-)

  5. Such little sweeties and adorable pictures too.... they love their new home and each other! Thanks for loving these babies and sending the updates ;o)

  6. I love how much they love their owners and each other!! This made my day, too.

  7. I'm so happy these two have made themselves right at home. Thanks so much for the update and photos.

  8. Glad they're thriving and entertaining with silly kitten antics.

  9. Updates are the best... was digging around old posts and found myself to another alumni featuring site, it's Clarence and Goergie Bartlett :)

  10. They are clearly so happy in their new home. You can tell they are siblings in the first pic; they have the same stance. :) precious babies! Fifi is such a silly pretty girl and Gustav is handsome and sweet. I luffs them!

  11. So sweet! I love those two. Where's the link to the video mentioned? I would love to see it!

    1. Here it is!

    2. Gustav is oh so kneady!

  12. What great news! I love brother-sister cat teams.



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