Saturday, July 14, 2012

IBKC Poetry Corner

Cedric, our handsome little tuxey boy, inspired this poem by our friend, Cynthia.    Thanks so much for penning this wonderful piece.    Well done, Cynthia.  Well done.

Enjoy, everyone....


The Secret of Tuxes

You know the old saying, “Don’t mess with tuxes”?
Lend me your ear and I’ll share what the crux is.
But first, I must confess exactly how charming
I am – so much so that some find it alarming.

Why, me in particular? Let me give you the story.
My black coat flashes white blazes of glory.
As if that weren't enough to show I’m genteel,
A soft smoky jacket completes my appeal.

I was born with charisma coming out of my ears
I’m cute, perhaps even more than my peers.
I’m purry, I’m furry, I’m sweet and I’m wacky.
I love a good cuddle -- hope you don't think that's tacky.

I do have a limit – just one, I recall.
Don’t get between me and my sparkly ball.
My reaction could run to both ends of the spectrum
The last guy who did? Well, heck, I wrecked him.

I’m kidding, you see – just a harmless josh
Someone tells you elsewise, well, that’s hogwash.
Because the thing is with tuxes, and this is the word
Is that tuxes are so lovey it’s almost absurd.

 Love, Cedric


  1. Just as I'm reading this poem lying on my bed for a rest my own tuxedo kitty Commodore Fluffy Paws III came in, me owed politely Ashe always does and jumped up beside me purring loudly,after a quick grooming session is is ready to share my siesta.
    How's that for timing?

  2. I'm currently fostering 5 tuxedo kittens. I'd love to quote your poem. Cynthia do you mind sharing? I'm a librarian, I'd credit my source. :)

    1. Yeah, but are you a MLA or Chicago style? Itty Bitty Kitties have their standards to maintain. Actually Cedric looks like he would prefer APA style citations.

  3. I never thought that I'd see someone able to find a rhyming word for 'tuxes' and 'spectrum'. :)

    1. I know. She's not only super generous, she's a genius!

  4. Thanks, folks -- anyone who would like to use this poem may grab it, change it or use it without attribution. It's just for fun! Thanks, HoosierKitty!

  5. Love this poem, purrfect for that sweet Tux.

  6. *Standing ovation* Absolutely brilliant! Cynthia, you are amazing!

  7. Reading it to my own Tuxie boys now! Love it and the cutie who inspired it!

  8. Well done Cynthia! *applause applause*

  9. A darling poem for a darling kitten! Great job, Cynthia!

  10. Too cute! I love it, Cynthia! we need one for Tabbies...hint hint.

    Cedric is going to be such handsome tuxedo boy when he grows up...I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was spoken for already.

  11. I couldn't help but hear this in my head as a rap. Now I want a picture of Cedric with a microphone, rocking the stage!

    1. With that smouldering look in the picture, I imagine it more with a smooth jazz background.

  12. Lovely poem, Cynthia!
    You've captured the essence of the tuxxies to a tee, We have a flooffy "teenage" tux with enough charming attitude and character to keep us on our toes... but his super-size personality and endearing ways nore than makes up for the occasional naughtiness that comes of having such an inquisitive nature.
    Bright and feisty and vocal - our cuddly little imp!
    Yay Tuxes!



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