Monday, July 9, 2012

Cedric Has Something to Say

My name is Cedric Gibson, and I'm going to be completely honest with you, I am trying to dazzle  you with my charm , boyish good looks and silly kitten ways.

You see, we're having a little fundraiser for the cats and kittens at the Humane Society for Tacoma/Pierce County.  Today's a very special day in our fundraiser - all the money we raise today will  go to the shelter's foster program.

And I am a foster kitten.  

So, I feel it is my duty to be dazzling and charming and weaken you with my uber-cuteness with hopes that you might give a little to support this program.

Brace yourself, here we go.

I've heard that kittens on their backsides are exponentially cuter than those upright, so I'll start by flipping over.


Did you notice my pink lower lip? It's one of my best features.   I'm highly kissable.  


And how about my wispy whiskers? 


And my snowy white chin.  

You want to nuzzle my neck, don't you.  Can you hear my purrs?   They're quite loud.  And they are just for you


Can you hug me?  Will you hold me? 


Let me show you my toes. Everyone loves my toes. 


Is it working?  Are you dazzled?  Are you charmed?


Sigh.  I hope so.



So what do you think?  

Can we count on you for a little support today.  Any amount will do.  

Just pop on over to our fundraising page.  And tell them Cedric sent you. 

And don't forget...  we've got  a matching donation challenge happening today.  All of our dollars are doubled until we reach our $2500 cap!  We've got $1700 left to meet it, and until Midnight tonight (Pacific Time)  to do it!


  1. Oh Cedric, I am completely dazzled! If I could reach you, I would hug and squeeze youfor hours!

    Laurie - You really should consider taking Bean and the babies on tour.

  2. Both me and mom are totally charmed by you , Cedric :)

  3. I gave in...the utter cuteness in these pictures was too much for me :)

  4. I always donate too early, darn it! If I had known you were going to be so tempting, I would have saved my donation for you Cedric!

  5. Cedric being a black and white kitten you had me charmed right from when you first turned up!

    I have a soft spot for black and white kittens so you are just right!

  6. Laurie, this is a charming and brilliant post.

  7. mom is gonna have to be peeled off the floor first so we can find her wallet... heehee

  8. What a cute little fellow! Cedric is absolutely gorgeous and so charming. I already donated today, but I expect that many others will rush to make Cedric happy today!

  9. Cedric, I think my kittehs turned the wheel to the 43 squillion mark, thanks to you! They and our former fosters were inspired to make 2 donations to help the foster program - it is so important! And you are so kissable!

  10. MUST. Give. all. monies to. Cedric. NOW!

  11. I donated again because foster pets are so important for the reasons you listed. My three cats were fosters and they're great. When I adopted Sarge he was ready to be loved and adapted so quickly to the house. It helped us bond and become buddies. I had him for too short of a time before cancer stole him away.

  12. Cedric and Laurie prompted me to make a donation to the IBKC and to my local cat welfare association. Cedric rocks! I just wish I could take this little guy home to Ohio!

  13. Cedric sounds an awful lot like Barry White in my head... *swoon*... ;D

  14. I will hug you! I will hold you! *makes grabby hands at screen*

  15. Oh Cedric, you flirt! I love little black and white kittens :)

  16. Now, that post was almost pornographic, very charming, but...oh heck, where's my wallet?



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