Sunday, July 1, 2012

And Another Name!!


Our friend Nanette, who has named a kitten EVERY single year we've auctioned off the naming rights, was a  lucky winner once again!

Perhaps you recall Luigi Fortunato, Marie-Noire Suprenant, and  Priscilla Batsel?   Well, she named those kittens.

This selection of  the name this year was a group effort.  She had the help of Esther, her year-old formerly feral cat,  and Andy, her  foster baby.

They decided that the little fellow pictured above should be named Rutherford "Ruddy" Gibson.

PERFECT!  A distinguished name for this handsome little man.

He will wear his name with pride!

Thank you, Nanette,  for so many years of support!  And thank you for selecting such awesome names each time!    You're a gifted kitten-namer.

Speaking of names,  we've got two auctions still up and running,  to visit the auctions, just click HERE.  One ends at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, and the second at 2:00 PM.     As soon as our winners reveal their choices, we'll be posting them.

Last of all,  please don't forget we have our weekend-long matching donation challenge happening!  Our fabulous anonymous donor will be doubling our donation dollars until we reach the $5000 cap.

We are doing great, but we're not quite there yet.  Since the match started, we have brought in $3626 - that leaves $1374 left to go.   Sundays tend to be a little quiet around here,  but I have confidence we can get still get there by our Midnight deadline.    There hasn't been a challenge, we haven't met yet!

To make a tax-deductible donation to our campaign, and help all the cats and kittens at our shelter, please visit our FUNdraising page!

Lots more to share today, so do come back.


  1. Definitely a gifted kitten namer! It is a perfect name!

  2. I absolutely love love LOVE the name Rutherford "Ruddy." This kitten needed a name that would fit with his pretty boy "posing with flowers" suaveness but also needed a name that would also accommodate those times when he shucks the Armani suit to punish bad-boy bullies (to defend Pheona's honor, of course) with his furious fast paws of steel. Nanette, only you with your superpower in kitten-naming could have come up with *the* perfect name for this floofy boy. Thank you for winning the bid and thank you, as always, for lending IKBC your superior skills. Rutherford "Ruddy" Gibson -- love love love it!

  3. I have a feeling Rutherford is going to grow up to be a very dignified, very big, floofy orange boy, and a boy like that needs a dignified name to match! Rutherford is just perfect. And, of course, it can be abbreviated when he wants to shed his dignity and just be "one of the boys." :) Another perfect name for another precious kitty!

  4. Pleased to meet young Rutherford.
    So handsome, classy and elegant

  5. Not sure how I could possibly follow THAT kind of naming streak. ;)

  6. Bottom-up bottomless basket of kitties :)
    They have been growing in the midst of fundraising, nearing the 2 ound mark?

  7. Could there be a kitten named Nanette in IBKC's future?

  8. Could there be a kitten named Nanette in IBKC's future?



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