Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's to Come

I know everyone is anxious to see what litter is next, but it's going to be a few days.   But you're not going to mind at all, I swear.

You see, I'm heading back to Iowa to visit my folks, so until Monday, it will be ALL Mimsey and Nigel Frost updates!!!

I'm so excited!! This is the first time I'll be seeing them since they were adopted.  I know Mom,  I really need to get home more often.   

I can't wait to see them, and see my folks with them.

When I return, there should be some kittens waiting in the wings for us and then our big, annual FUNdraiser will begin!!!     I've finished up the kitten-sized telethon set so those new babies will get dropped into the set for their first day working the phone banks.

For those of you new to the blog, the FUNdraiser truly is a fun time.   Expect lots of

posts,  surprises, cheering, and some crying of happy tears.  Good times guaranteed.   And we raise a whole lot of money for the kitties while we're doing it.

I've got a plane to catch, so I better sign off.  I'll leave you with this cute little clip of dear Daphne and Franklin.

Tune in tomorrow for Mimsey and Nigel!


  1. Yeah, I've been waiting on word of the fundraiser, it's one of my favorite things to post aboout in my blog.

    Have a great trip sweetie !

  2. Franklin is such a little goofball. Daffy is a saint for putting up with the feet in the face and the ear biting. Brothers! harrumph

  3. Looking forward to the Frost updates. I love this video of Franklin and Daphne. I have to say I think Franklin was paired off with the perfect sibling for him. Where he is the high-strung silly clown of a kitty, she is the cool character who doesn't let any annoying antics dislodge her from a warm spot or distract her from a nice nap. A chomp on the neck, a kick in the face? Daphne is like "Whatevs"

  4. Oh goody, Frost updates! They were such adorable kittens, and they've grown up to be such beautiful cats -- I can't wait to see lots more photos of them!

    And such a cute video. Franklin is a little mischief-maker, isn't he? But Daphne just stays cool, calm, and collected, although I'll bet she can put him in his place when he deserves it -- definitely a perfect pairing!

  5. Lovely Daphne, Goofy Franklin their family will never be bored!

    Have a great trip Laurie - Many hellos to the Kitten Whisperer and Mrs. Kitten Whisperer... plus the Frosts!

  6. What a nice bunch of tabbies they all were. Such big feet on Franklin! Laurie, I was wondering if you had grown up in the midwest somewhere as your expressions and choice of words are similar to mine here in Minneapolis. Wishing you a safe & wonderful trip.

    Rosemary, William & Carmelo
    from Minneapolis

  7. Mimsey! Nigel! My favorites of all times!!! Can't wait!

  8. Yep, Rosemary. Born in Davenport, raised in Blue Grass, IA. You. Can take the girl out of the Mid West...but you can't take the Mid West out of the girl.

  9. Hooray for midwestern girls! (Born and raised in Michigan myself and still live here.) Travel safely and enjoy yourself.

    PS I just bought your flower craft book at lunch - know what I'm doing after work!

  10. Does anyone else have a blank screen where the video is supposed to be?

  11. Brothers! Any opportunity to hog the camera and put their feet in their sister's face...

  12. Daphne is the perfect sis for Franklin!

    Happy trails to you, Laurie. Looking forward to the Frost Fotos. Our regards to your Mom and Dad!

    We are saving up our greenpapers for the FUNdraiser - can't wait!

    (The video worked for me "This Space for Rent". You might try this link direct to YouTube

  13. Travel safely! I'm from Davenport too and the weather report looks pretty dull so rain probably won't ruin your plans. I hope you have a chance to get out occasionally. I was there over Memorial Day and it's pretty dull. I highly recommend going to Davenport's Farmers Market on Saturday. It's downtown near the river and one of the biggest I've seen. They have a pasta seller with at least 3 dozen kinds of noodles from sweet to savory (no joke, they got noodles meant for desserts).
    You keep going east on 61 and it's a few blocks after the old toll bridge.

  14. Yaaaay for Frost updates!!! :)
    Can't wait to see them again. I hope you have a great visit.

    Hi Laurie's Parents!

  15. That's so cute, Daphne is all "look what I put up with, but isn't he a nice brother?"

    1. I was thinking that Daphne was saying bad things about her brother's stinky feet in her face.

  16. Fantastic! I can't wait for a Frost update. Those two have always been faves of mine. <3

  17. Franklin: "I'm sorry was that my foot in your face?"

    Daphne: "You're adopted, you know that, right?"



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