Thursday, June 28, 2012

Auction for the Tux is Up!

The auction for the naming rights to our adorable tuxedo kitten just went live.  If you would like to throw your hat into the ring and place a bid, please visit HERE.    The auction runs for three days.



Our Gibson Girl's auction ended, and we'll be announcing her name tomorrow morning.    

I know it's tempting to suggest names for these kittens, and in previous years it's happened a lot, but maybe we can hold off on that unless the winning bidders request our help.   I think it would be nice for them to be able to come their decisions on their own, without our influence.    

We will be giving the naming rights to a kitten from an upcoming litter away to one of our awesome donors, so maybe save those suggestions in case you're the lucky winner!    It could be you!! Thanks for understanding.  


  1. I think someone should tell Charlie Gibson about these auctions!! :)

  2. I'm no good with names, but this kitten should have a name that sounds like a secret agent. "I am Mr.Gibson, IBKC Intelligence Division."

  3. Love tuxie kittens. Look at the white chinny chin chin! I just want to scritch him under that chin and kiss that forehead. He's quite delicious.

  4. He looks extremely kissable...hope we get to see pics when he is a big boy..gorgeous!

  5. I've watched these naming auctions in the past and without exception wonderful names were always chosen. I'm with you, Laurie. The winners will do just fine without any help. Look just how great "Gibson" works for this group.

  6. Why oh why can't I win that silly lottery so I can bid on naming kittens? Sigh.... ah well, the universe always provides the perfect namers with the perfect names, so I guess I should stop whining. :) Little Floofy Tux Gibson is, of course, insanely adorable and I know he'll end up with a brilliant moniker. Like the rest of his siblings.

  7. He's a beautiful boy kitten! I want to apologize since I'm one of the guilty parties who suggested a name for Orange Floofy Boy. I understand that the winning bidder would want his/her own chance to brainstorm for names so I'm sorry I intruded on that. I just thought it was funny that our "paws of fury" boy is the same orangey who looks so floofy, fragile, and feminine (and obviously, utterly adorable) in Laurie's flower photos.

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, he is soooooooooo cute. I hope he gets the most amazing name :)xx

  9. GaaaaaaaaaaaahhhHHHHH

    Those beeg OH SO innnOcent eyes! He will never get into too much trouble...



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