Monday, May 14, 2012

Goodbye Little Lamms

This weekend, all of our little Lamms left for their new homes.    It all happened very fast,  but all the families they joined are so wonderful, so we are quite thrilled for everyone.

First to depart was Baxter.


Prior to the arrival of the Lamms, my friend Jessica had put in a request for an orange boy, and I promised her first dibs on the next one we got.  

The day the Lamms arrived, I sent a picture of the tiny orange guy to Jessica and a few days later Jessica,  husband Tim and son Jack came over to meet him.  They were impressed with his adorableness and tininess and quickly decided he should be theirs.

Besides the humans in the house, he'll have a dog friend, Brown, and a two year old Tabby sister named Athena.  It sounds like Athena gets a little bored at times and we're all hoping Baxter will do his best to keep her entertained.

I'm sure he will.  He's highly entertaining!





Later that evening, Sara and Tom came to pick up their pair, Edison and Edna.


Sara and Tom are a lovely young couple residing in Seattle with their cat, Addison.  Recently they said goodbye to Addison's BKF (best kitty friend) and they wanted to bring in a pair of cuddly companions to lift everyone's spirits.

Edison and Edna were selected for this mission.



I think they'll be perfect.  They both enjoyed the attention they got from Charlene, so having a mentor like Addison,  is a wonderful scenario for the pair.

Sara's mother is a 3rd grade teacher and she shared with her classroom that Sara and Tom would be adopting the pair and showed them pictures from the blog.   Soon,  as you can see, the IBKC became a daily discussion in the classroom, and even an inspiration for a poem...  

From Sara...

My mom just sent me a poem that her third grade class in Connecticut wrote about the Lamms. Its super adorable and touches on lots of points (flat stanley, naps) that they went nuts for when you posted on the blog. I'm pretty sure I told you that they have been discussing the kittens in class and my mom has been using the blog as a tool for learning. They are learning about "social issues" and have discussed adoption, fostering, pet care, and a whole bunch of other things. She said that the kids spend about an hour a day talking about the Lamms in one way shape or form. The prior poem made it to my mom's main board for discussion during poetry day. That's why they were inspired to write a poem together :-) Feel free to share it. 

The Lamm kittens are so sweet, "Me-you!"
We love Baxter, Zelda, Edna, and Edison, too.
They cuddle so nice together for their naps,
Or sometimes they curl up on your laps.
How many books can four kittens read?
In our school they can succeed!
They love Flat Stanley, yes they do,
Let's not pet one, but two.
On a field trip to Seattle we wish to go,
To adopt an itty bitty kitty that we know!

Thank you 3rd Graders, your poem is lovely and touching.   The kittens say "thanks" for writing a poem about them!!! You made them feel very special.



Zelda left last so she spent her last night here alone with us after all the others had departed.  She did so well.  I thought she might be a little lost at first without them, but she really was just fine.    She went along doing her kitten business - napping, playing, snacking, cuddling.


We let her sleep with us  that night, which is something we rarely do with kittens.  She spent the whole night curled up on my pillow,  or on me, just purring away.   In the wee hours of the morning she woke up and started wriggling around in my hair and chewed on my earlobe for a short spell. She slipped back into slumber,  and slept until a more reasonable hour.

Zelda's parents, Alex and Lynn are very kind, kitty-loving people.   In fact the second they arrived for their meet-and-greet, Lynn was moved to tears by the beauty of a pile of napping Lamms.  

They have plans to spoil her rotten with many kitty toys, towers and lots and lots of love.

Zelda now has a 6 month old Calico sister named India Rose, so even though she's left our nest solo, she will not be alone.



Three happy families, four happy Lamms.

I know many of you were quite attached to this little litter and it's hard to say goodbye. Please take comfort in knowing their families are awesome and already love them as much as we all do.

Everyone has promised to keep us updated with photos too, so this won't be the last of the Lamms.


These adorable Lamms are going to be a tough act to follow.

And speaking of following acts.....

They have already arrived!!   Two words.

Tabby Town.

OK, two more words.


Tune in tomorrow....


  1. The Lamms are just too cute! I bet they'll have loads and loads of fun in their new homes.
    Can't wait to see that tabby town you were speaking about!

  2. Goodbye sweet babies! I'm excited to see the tabbies.

  3. Oh my dear, sweet Lamms! What a wonderful bunch of people got a wonderful bunch of kittehs!

    And, how sweet of you, Laurie, to end a tear-inducing post (I'm gonna miss these little Lamms!) with... TABBIES! OMG! Tabbies!!! I can hardly wait!


    As hard as it is to see each litter go, it's one of my favorite parts. I love hearing all of your stories about the wonderful families the kittens go to and thinking about the happy lives they'll have!

  5. *wistful sigh* ...well, I can't really believe I won't get to see Lamms daily any more, but it certainly sounds as though they are all on their way to loving new homes, and new adventures. Wishing they and their new fur-parents the best! And looking forward to Tabby Town-I have two Tabbies of my own, and I must say, I am a bit partial.

  6. What a great post! So happy to see the adorable Lamms get great homes. They deserve it.

  7. Oh no... not more tabbies. I still haven't gotten over the Trimbles!

  8. Yay, there is a photo of Zelda in the alumni flicker group already!

  9. Sob! I know I should be so happy, but what will I do without new photos of the napping Lamms? Without Baxter's belly??? So glad they have wonderful new parents.

  10. I've been waiting for and sort of dreading this post all weekend. :p

    Thank you for sharing the Lamms with us. I know they'll be well-loved by their families and furry siblings.

    Can't wait for Tabby Town!

  11. Goodbye and goodluck, Lamms!

  12. What a gorgeous little bunch they have been, I have so enjoyed watching them grow with you these last weeks. It's so uplifting to see them go to their new homes - sad too though.

  13. Oh, Miss Athena, you're in for a treat and a handful!

    *jumps midnight train to Tabby Town*

  14. If I'm going to miss seeing pictures of these precious little ones, I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. I'm so glad they have got wonderful forever homes where they'll be loved and well cared for. purrs

  15. Awesome news all around. I'm happy to know none of them will be alone and have somecat to keep them company. You did a fantastic job! I look forward to getting updates and seeing how they thrive.

    Are the new kittens brown tabbies? I love brown tabbies. One sleeps with me every night and will sometimes jump up on my left shoulder to lick my hair.

  16. i've never seen any kittens who napped better than the Lamms :) soooo happy for them and their humans!

    and omg tabbies!

  17. Bye-bye sweet Lamms, I hope that by now you are happily settling in with your new families and exploring your new homes. We'll miss you very much but take comfort in knowing that you've found the absolute perfect forever homes. Can't wait to hear and see the updates.

  18. Thanks for picking out perfect families for the kitties, Laurie. BTW, I absolutely ADORE the poem written for Edna and Edison. What a wonderful teacher they have in Sara's mother.

  19. I'm sad to see the Lamms leave us, but they are on to great things! and oh how excited I am for Tabbies!

  20. A lovely set of 'so long, farewell' pictures of the sigh-worthy Lamms...with their gold medals.

    I could not possibly pick a favorite out of this litter, but Baxter might just squeak ahead of the rest.

    oooohhhh! Tabbies!!!!

  21. Go forth and multiply, little Lamms -- multiply pleasure wherever you go, that is!

  22. I have loved all the kitty families, but the Lamms have a special place in my heart. Especially Baxter! :) Happy new lives, little Lamms. from samm

  23. One can't help but get a little teary-eyed saying farewell to this fantastic little foursome. But Laurie, the families sound wonderful, and the little Lamms will not be lonely. They will have such a wonderful life thanks to you and your husband, and the stately Butterbean!!

  24. This bunch was especially good at Princess Di eyes!

  25. I'm glad they have wonderful new homes to conquer. On a side-note: While we watched the Lamms growing up, I always thought of Zelda as one of those outrageous 'flapper' party-girls of the 20s. So I was very happy to see her doing what appears to be the Charleston on the windowsill in her farewell pictures.

  26. I don't know who I'm happier for, the kittens for going to loving homes, or the lucky families who will get to love them!

  27. I love me some tabbies so looking forward to seeing the next batch!

  28. A very happy / sad post . . . I wish all the little Lamms a most wonderful life. I am so happy to see none of them will be alone. I will miss seeing them here. Thanks so much for all you do.

  29. Oh my, time flies. It sounds like each of these precious kitties landed fantastic homes - and somewhat poetic that Eddie and Edna are together - Edward and Edna go together. I will miss them all although I do have proclaimed on more than one occasion my special weakness for orange boys. I don't know what you had to do to extract promises of updates but am grateful you did and all the new parents agreed. Go on little Lamms and be covered with love and skritches for all your days.

  30. I am very glad to read where they all went to and it sounds like very nice people indeed, and how cute that little Zelda nibbled on your earlobe tha last night. es, I also got very attached to them (once again), but it helps to read this.

  31. I just reread this post and once more I am moved to tears. So beautiful and sad too, because I am missing them so much.
    How long do you think we have to wait for updates? I'm going through Lamm withdrawal. The tabs are fab too. I can't thank you enough for sharing your itty bitty kitties with us.



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