Friday, April 6, 2012

So Long, Cecil.


Yesterday afternoon we said goodbye to our little pal Cecil.   He found himself the perfect home with Susan,  a serious lover of orange kittens, her husband, and Tuna, a six-year old girl kitty.

 Tuna lost her orange brother last fall, and since his passing, she and the family have been missing him dearly.  They wanted another orange kitty to join their family,  and as soon as Susan saw Cecil on the blog, she gave us a call, and we arranged a meeting.  

Cecil is a very easy-going boy.  He's very social and sweet and I think he'll merge nicely into their home.     He's always had such huge crush on Charlene too, so I'm sure he'll love keeping company with another lady cat.    

I know he'll be so happy there.

Here are a few images from our last few minutes with sweet Cecil.  







And here's a very relaxed Cecil in the loving hands of his mama.


Thank you so much for adopting this special little guy, Susan.
And thank you for the lovely daffodils.   Every time I look at them,  I'll think of Cecil's gold medal and his happy future ahead.



  1. Nothing better than a kitty happy ending!

  2. I can just hear Bean telling him, as she swats him "chill out, kid"

  3. awwwwwwww *cries happitayl tears*

  4. In the first windowsill picture, Cecil almost looks like he is 'wiping a tear' the way his little paw happens to be positioned.

    I love his interactions with Charlene in this series...
    And in the hands of his momma he does look well Cecil.

    1. and in the second one he's waving goodbye! or hello!

    2. I thought he was wiping away a tear, too! What a little sweetie! I'm sure he will be very, very happy & so will Susan, Tuna & the hubby!

  5. Oh Cecil. You will be missed, little friend... but the adventures you will have with a girl named Tuna!

  6. It appears Cecil did not approve of his gold medal. Was Miss Bean giving him one final lesson in deportment or was it a congratulatory high five?

    Have a fabulous life, little one.

  7. Oh it's so sad to lose that dear little ginger boy ~ but we're so happy he has a wonderful loving furever home. Hopefully his new mama Susan will send us updates. xx

  8. So glad that he has a great home, but also sad to say goodbye so soon...

    Are Wiley and Sylvie also spoken for?

    1. Fabulous! Though I'll miss the pictures, it's wonderful that they have homes. Thanks for all you and Charlene do to give these little ones such a great start!

  9. wouldn't you love to know what he and Charlene were talking about in those pictures?? MOL yeah for homes!!!

  10. Awww...I am in happy tears now, both with the lovely adoption story and this series of pictures.
    A whole lotta love is coming your way, Cecil! Revel in your new family, and don't forget to write from time to time. Love you!

  11. Oh, how wonderful! I bet you're all gonna miss him lots and he'll miss you, too... but he's got his forever home now and that's the best!

  12. First of all I LOVE the name Tuna for a cat! ;)

    It sure sounds like he is going to have a great fur-ever home! What a sweetie!

  13. I always think they shouldn't go but then the very best homes come forward for them and you just know they are going where they are meant to be. Cecil - the first Knapp graduate of Ms Bean's Decorum and Deportment Finishing School for Kittens. Have a happy life sweet boy.

  14. Awe, so sorry to see Cecil go :'( but I'm sure he'll be happy in his forever home.


  15. bye bye sweet pea - have a happy life!

  16. The first pic of the trio in the window is my favorite. I'm glad Cecil has his furever home. It's hard letting go, but knowing they're going to a good place makes it easier.

  17. Love the final bits of advice from Miss Bean. Oh Cecil sounds like you got yourself the absolute best home. And you deserve nothing less little man.

    Can't wait to hear about Sylvie and Wiley too!

  18. Bye, bye, Pretty Boy! Remember everything you learned from Charlene, and be good to your new sister!

  19. So glad Cecil has a furever home! The Bean always trains kitties well. I'm sure Tuna will love the little feller (eventually)!

  20. pls post more action pictures of bean playing with the little fur balls.
    i can't get enough of them....^_^

  21. Pic 1
    Cecil: I don't wanna go, *sniffle*

    Cecil: It's big and scary out there

    Bean: Don't you worry little guy everything is going to be alright. I promise.

    Cecil: You promise promise?

    Cecil: Then I can do this...

    Cecil: ... but I'll miss you.

    Cecil: Hello Mama.

  22. I was so hoping that they'd all go together, but I'm so very glad that Cecil has a wonderful forever home, with wonderful humans, and a new sister/auntie.
    Congrats Cecil!

  23. Pik 3:
    Bean: OK, kid - you're up. Now, remember what I taught you: nose-boops *always* from the wrist, claws retracted. Don't let me hear you've been whapping your new sister, else Auntie Bean's going to be cross, and you don't want that, right?

    Pik 4:
    Bean: Have you washed your paws? Let me see them. Good boy.

    Pik 6:
    Bean: Now, you get along and say hello to your new folks [snif] It's always so sad when they fly the nest.

  24. Oh I'm so glad he's going to have a kitty-cat sister. I hope Tuna loves him as much as I know he's going to love her. Also hope Susan gives us some updates!

  25. I can't believe he's leaving the nest already, but it sounds like a great match in a loving home. Best of luck to you Cecil!



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