Thursday, April 19, 2012

Know Your Lamms

It seems as though some of you are having a hard time telling our little Lamms apart.  This post should clear up any confusion you may have.

First off, we have Zelda.  She's the smallest, has the darkest points and the shortest coat.


REALLY, is it THAT hard to tell us all apart?   


And then we have Baxter.  This one is easy,  because he is the only orange tabby in this sea of Siamese.


And now we have Edison and Edna.   Edison (left) has a lighter coat and shorter hair. He has a tiny bit of rust on his cheeks, and usually has food on his chin and/or bib.   Edna (right) is floofier, darker and has big round eyes and a broader nose.  She's the biggest in the litter.


Now, does everyone have that?

What about you, kittens? Got it?


Wait, now who am I? 


I've got food on my chin.


But I'm floofy too.  Does that make me Edison or Edna?


Edison is a boy's name, and I'm a boy. So that must make me Edison.  


Pssssst. Now, which one are you? 


  1. Thank you! I was feeling so guilty for mixing them up.

  2. It's the long-awaited sequel to "How I Tell My Brothers Apart," by Tressa Loveljoy!

  3. gah! i love them all!!! i would love little zelda and edison, but with 7 pugs, i don't think the timing is right. thank you so much for sharing their sweetness!

  4. They are just THE cutest

  5. I WANT Zelda. Too bad I'm in NJ. :(....

  6. i still cant tell them apart :) but thats ok. :) they are still super cute!

  7. Can you send all 4 special delivery to Ontario Canada!

  8. Oh my.... my heart is in extremelly love!

  9. Thanks for giving us an update on who is who. I do get Zelda confused with Edna...but floofy is still adorable!

  10. All I know is that they are CUTE with a capital Q!!!!

  11. Please tell me there won't be a test. I know I can get Baxter right. And maybe, just maybe Zelda since she is darker on the ears but Eddie (I like bad boys) and Edna - ????

  12. Thanks for the hints. I had noticed that Edna leg stripes are more pronounced, so that helped me tell her apart from Eddie.

    I hope their future families will send us their grown-up pics. They're gonna be stunning w/the darkened points.

    Baxter - creamsicle kitties are the epitome of adorable.

  13. They are all precious, but Edna and Baxter truly make my world a happier place.

  14. I also fancy that Eddie's ears a little flopsy at the tips?

  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Laurie (and Craig, and Charlene, and all that happens here)!

  16. My Smokey looked like Edison when she was a baby, right down to the rust spots. Does he have any extra spots on his body?

    So... Zelda is the baby seal point Siamese. Baxter is orange. Edison looks like Smokey, and Edna is the big floofy one. Got it.

    1. Which makes the bottom picture, from left to right, Edison-Edna-Zelda. Yes?

      (I'm a compulsive test-taker. I couldn't resist giving myself a quiz.)

    2. That's the answer I came up with, too, Nancy. I hope we're right!

      Such an adorable litter. I'm looking forward to seeing photos from after they decide that Charlene is in fact their friend.

  17. Whoever they are, they are all adorable!

  18. Eddie and Edna are my downfall...
    Eddie blushes is my "recall" device

  19. All kittens are beautiful/gorgeous/amazing,but I have to say,little Zelda makes my heart skip a beat.I am lucky enough to live with a gorgeous +/-6 year old Siamese lady called Ogies,and she is perfection!She's made me appreciate how wonderful Siamese cats are,and I truly wish I could adopt little Zelda,so that I could multiply my Siamese intake for the day :)



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