Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Knapps and Their Noses

I think the Knapps may just have the best noses of any litter we've hosted.  Cecil's is pink perfection.  Sylvie's has that sweet little splash of color.  And Wiley has his charming charcoal smudge.

All unique.  All adorable.



  1. What a beautiful picture of the beautiful Knapps!!

  2. Oh Knapps. How I will miss your little faces.

  3. I have to disagree! I think Pearla's nose was the best.

    But these are pretty darn close to perfection, yeah ;)

    1. Oh definitely. As an individual, Pearla Dearborn had the best kitten nose ever! However, as a group, the Knapps' noses beat any other litters we've seen.

    2. The Knapp Nose Collection is a fantabulous concatenation of delightful feline noseseses.

      But I have to vote for Miss Pearla's as an incredible individual kitten nose as well.

  4. Yay! I thought about their sweet noses when you announced the Knapps were leaving...but I also thought about Wiley's antic high-jumps and sweet Sylvie's wondrous, multi-colored tail. I'm sure their new families will love every one of the Knapps' marvelous traits!

  5. Hey everyone! Go check out tenacious-stein.com, the forever home of Georgie and Clarence Bartlett. They've got a recent post that is squee worthy!

  6. Dear Sylvie,
    I still love you, a lot. I know that Ms. Bean has picked a good home for you though. She's good at that sort of thing. I also know that she's been teaching you a lot about being a cat who lives with humans who love cats. Still, though, I will miss seeing your beautiful little face here. Please tell your new family to send lots of pictures to Laurie and the Bean so that (I) we can all get to see what an amazing and beautiful cat you are growing up to be.


  7. This Knapps are just adorable, especially their kissable noses. I must admit I am rather partial to Sylvie's specially colored little boppable nose. I know their homes are going to be great but I will miss them.



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