Thursday, April 26, 2012

The IBKC Poetry Corner

Our neighbor, Kate, penned this sweet little poem about our dear little Lamms, and I had to share it with all of you.

Thanks so much!  It's adorable, Kate.


Laurie had some Little Lamms,
as Cute as Cute can be.
And every day their Pix went out,
For all the World to see.



Four Kittens in this Litter were,
Three were sooooo Siamese.
Number Four was a sweet Orangey Boy.
All Four were sure tooo Please.


The Lammies were a Cyber Hit,
Their Fans are sooo entranced.
To see the Kitties for Themselves
As they Play, and Sleep and Dance.


They're growing fast, the Fan Club sees.
Forever Homes to Find
With Families screened with Love and Care
To Love all Kittenkind.



  1. Yay! I love it almost as much as "Wiley Knapp Likes to Leap"!

  2. Love it and the picture of Baxter and his booutiful belleh - squuuueeeeeeee

  3. The pic of Baxter on his back is so freakin' cute! Relatively speaking, of course. All the pics are 'i'm dead in five milliseconds' cute, but the one of Baxter slew me even faster.

  4. Brava, Kate!! And I just love me some Baxter belly.

  5. Lovely poem and Baxter's belly squeeee!

  6. Love the poem!

    I have to say that in this set of pictures, Baxter really steals the show...he looks full of mischief on his back :)

  7. Kate, how sweet and true the poem is!

    OMG, how wonderfully intoxicated\ing young Baxter is as he displays his belly!

  8. Sweet poem, and all so true. Baxter, little buddy with the cute belly, you are the cat's pajamas!!

  9. I'm so glad Baxter finally gets some basket time since he has been the odd one out lately (literally...or is it litter-ally...)

  10. Thank you Kate for your poetic inspiration on behalf of all the kitties of IBKC!! And thank you Bean, Laurie and Craig for all the love and care you give to the kitties!! xxo

  11. I'll bet I'm not the only one who had to rub Baxter's tummy through my computer screen!

  12. Great poem, Kate! And not only is this the cutest litter you have ever had, Laurie, but I do believe these are also some of the most photogenic, and your photos are just incredibly good. Baxter seems to be turning into the clown of the group, judging by his silliness in the photos! Lethal cuteness!

  13. What a great poem and love the photos!!!

  14. Holy heck!!!! The combo the the fabulous poem and the fabulous pictures made for a fabulous smile!!!

  15. Thanks for brightening up my Friday morning!! Your photography is gorgeous, but of course, the kitties could not be any cuter!! I gave scratches through my monitor!!!

  16. Which was best? The poem? The Baxter Belly? Or the last picture with Baxter in total kitten bliss? WHO CARES! THey are all fab. So thank you Laurie, Craig and Miss Bean for sharing your home with all these kittens,

  17. That Baxter, I can tell that he's thinking:
    "This is me ladies--drink it in. You like what you see?"

  18. Too cute for words-that is, except for Kate's words! The photo of Baxter on his back is genius, and the last one of Zelda looking at the camera like "wth?" under the kitty pile is killing me. Love.

  19. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Quite in love with little Baxter!



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