Friday, March 30, 2012

There Are No Toes, Cuter Than Those

I'm serious.  THESE are the cutest kitten toes.

We've had nearly three thousand kitten toes tip-toe through our house, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject.

So, please believe me when I say THESE ARE THE CUTEST KITTEN TOES EVER. 

And if ever someone suggests to you that THEIR kitten has the cutest kitten toes, please tell them politely that they are wrong, and send them a link to this photo.



  1. Paws down, the cutest bitten toes EVER!

  2. I'm almost certain you're right, of course, but I'll have to nibble them (just a little!) to be sure. I hope you understand. :)

  3. Oh I don't know. Albert Livermore's toes (green sweater edition) and even Fern's toes of feather-grasping-fierceness rank pretty high up in my ranking.

  4. Oh, my goodness! I am squeeing with delight at the little toe beans! You are SO right, Laurie. These are the cutest kitten toes the world has ever seen, no competition!

  5. yep....those are VERY cute!!! and kissable!!

  6. I just compared them to my polydactlyl's girlie toes and hers are cute but all different colors. Wiley's little toe beans couldn't be more perfect...unless there were more of 'em!

  7. They are indeed quite adorable. Methinks a prior poster was right - Ms Laurie has a kitty crush on Wiley. But who am I kidding? So do I.

  8. I admit to adoring kitty-toes, and these please me greatly. But I do love Bean's white-tipped toesies.

  9. Too cute! I just want to kiss them.

  10. They're almost enough to make me like licorice jelly beans.. :)

  11. tiny jelly beans. stupendous.

  12. Laurie keeps giving us these amazing pics with Seussian titles. I can't help myself!

    There are no toes
    Cuter than those
    That Wiley Knapp so nicely shows.
    He's lying there
    So debonair
    With fuzzy feet up in the air.
    Soft fur between
    Each perfect bean:
    The finest feet you've ever seen!

  13. You know I defer to you in all things kitteh, Laurie, but I must say, Bitty gave birth to 7 babes with amazing toesies! All the floof between them just slayed me. Sadly that was before digital camera, so I can't even point you to them on the blog.

    And, hmmmmm... what about the Bean's baby toesies?

  14. So in one litter we have the cutest nostrils AND the cutest toes. They are a charmed little bunch, these Knapps.

  15. My kitten now thinks I've gone insane. Seeing this post made me realize I never have taken a real good look at her toesies. I scooped her up and took a good look- holy toehawks, floofy kitten!



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