Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Sparkle Ball Colors AND the Birthday Sale Continues

Midway through the Sparkle Ball sale on Beanie's birthday, we ran out of inventory. We wanted to continue it for the rest of today for those who didn't get the chance to take advantage of it.

All Sparkle Balls are 25% off until Midnight tonight (that's Pacific Time).  Just enter the code "BUTTERBEAN" when prompted.

 I found another source for Sparkle Balls and I'm super excited about the new color selection.  Now we've got orange, yellow, green, aqua, silver and some awesome shades of purple and pink.

I've also packed up some jumbo bags for those multiple cat households and for those cats who like to chase their toys under furniture or appliances.

Please stop on by the shop if you'd like to treat your kitties and cats to a bag of fun.    And if you would like to treat yourself,  pick up a IBKC magnet or two  while you're there.




  1. I ordered a pack of these sparkle balls when I got my magnets. So happy to find them -- it's hard to find sparklies in my area without having to buy a bunch of hard plastic balls, too (my kitties don't like those).

    These were a lot smaller than previous sparkle balls I've purchased elsewhere, but it doesn't matter -- my kits *love* them, and every morning I have to do an inventory to find all nine of them, or they cry at the closet doors until I fish them out! I'll have to get the orange and yellow next time, love those colors.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful services you provide us, Laurie!

    1. I know they're hard to find. Small boutique type pet stores carry them, but not everyone has access to those stores. You can find them on occasion in the bigbox stores, but yes, there's usually just a couple in a big bag of other toys.

      We've had big and small ones, but Charlene has always preferred the little ones. They're easier to bat around because they are so light. T

      I do kind of think of it as a service to the kitties because I know how much Charlene, and pretty much every single kitten we've fostered, enjoys them. We want to bring them to the kitties 'round the world!

  2. Yippee!! New Colors!! Bigger Multi Cat Bag!! Bean Birthday Discount!!


  3. "for those cats who like to chase their toys under furniture or appliances"

    ...isn't that all of them?

  4. Oh you are such a tease...now you know I'm going to have to order the new colors. I have a kitty who LOVES these and I too fish them out of all the closets and under the stove DAILY!! I've bought at least 6 packs of these in the past few months and I can count on about 10 balls so far that show up daily! We have got to move some furniture around :) I'll go through the 2 new bags we just got and order more I'm sure very soon!! Thanks again!!!



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