Friday, February 24, 2012

Coming (very) Soon!

I  just got word that the IBKC magnet order I placed is all ready to go!  In just a few minutes, I'll be headig into Seattle to pick them up!  

As soon as I return,  I'll finish getting them ready to go online for sale.   I shared some sneak peeks before, but here's a look at the whole batch.

The small magnets measure about one inch in diameter, and are packaged in sets of four, as grouped below.   Please note, these aren't images of the actual magnets, but the images used for the magnets.  The magnets have an acrylic dome on top which make they tricky to photograph, and I wanted you all to be able to clearly see the images.  


From left to right, the sets include the following kittens:

Set number one
Tressa Lovejoy, Twyla Pickett, Darla and Olly Musselman, and Gordon Draper

Set number two
Clifford Batsel, Miranda and Hester Sue LaBath, Camille Suprenant, and Thurston Easterbrook

Set number three
Fergus Mayfield, Biscuit Suprenant, Lyle Livermore and Benny Musselman

Set number four
Mitzy J Hopps,  Pearla Dearborn, Porter Mayfield and Clovis Ashby

Set number five
Gordon Draper, Irving Lively, Rhoda Darling and Millie Draper

Pictured below are the large magnets, which measure two inches across, and are packaged individually.   Featured on the large are Charlene Butterben (of course), Priscilla Batsel,  Warren and Pippy Fortunato and Oliver (aka All-Over, aka Pantalones de Loco) Furman.


As soon as they are all up and ready to go, I'll post and let you know!


  1. Heh, you missed out the set with my favorite of that bunch - Pearla Dearborn!

  2. Oh man...I want them all!

  3. can I possibly pick????
    Such fantabulous photos!

  4. So cute! My hooman wants them!! :)

  5. Collect the whole set! I know I will :-)

  6. So beautiful. I can't wait to see the Bean's face on my fridge, along with some of her former pupils :)

  7. Laurie, I have to know - do you have all their names memorized?

  8. Love these! A great selection of glamour shots of these kitties!

    But Laurie, you are a TEASE! I saw the headline and thought some Itty Bitties were on their way!

    Yes, I know - no kittens at the shelter is a very, vert good thing! When there is a need for a wonderful foster home, you'll be right there for them.

  9. Will there ever be one of Jerry Lee? His story had a sad ending, but it would be lovely to have his sweet face around.

    1. I agree! I was hoping for a Jerry Lee magnet!

  10. And I'll add a request for something with the "Embrace Your Inner Crank" message and photo of the late great Drewey.

    Must stop writing now and do the HAPPY DANCE while waiting to order magnets.

  11. Ohhhhhhh a ginger cat set! A must have. :)

  12. Twyla of the beloved Picketts! i can't wait to get mine! :D



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