Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wiggins: Where are They Now?

Here's a little update on our former fosters, Buster and Susanna Rose!

Hi Laurie, I wanted to write and give you an update on our adorable kitties. Henry (aka Buster Wiggins) and Luna (aka Susanna Rose, aka Luna Bear, aka Looney Tunes) are doing great in our home. 

They are both very sweet and love snuggling with each other. Henry is still very curious and active and loves chasing his toys. It has been a bit hard to keep him off of the counters but we recently started a positive reinforcement training method and he is doing well with it. I love his determination and curiosity. He also turned out to be quite a snuggler! He loves being held and rocked like a baby and sometimes falls asleep in my arms on his back. I've never had a cat who likes to be cradled like that so much! 

Luna is as calm and relaxed as ever. Henry can get her riled up with his wrestling, but they always play nice together. We've tried letting them sleep with us but Luna likes to lay across our necks or faces, which is a little distracting. :) 

We are so glad they are in our home and we often talk about how glad we are to have both of them together. I've never had two cats at once and I love watching them groom each other and fall asleep all over each other in one big kitty pile. We couldn't be happier!! 

Maggie and Jason




Thanks for the awesome update, Maggie and Jason!  We're so happy you're so happy!


  1. SO happy for Buster & Susanna Rose! They definately look well loved and are lovely.

  2. Luna/Susanna has a calico's "provocativeness" for sure, Our calico Lucyfurr lays out like that all over our laptops. Beyond adorable!

  3. Just adorable! I love alumni updates!!

  4. We have an orange cat named Henry, too! It's a good name on a cat.

    I'm glad to hear these two are doing so well. It sounds like they found themselves a great home.

  5. so beautiful. Love Suzanna Rose/Luna's belly. What a cutie.

  6. Oh, hooray for such a loving update! That rascally little orange boy grew UP!! What a handsome boy he is, and his sister is just as gorgeous. *Love* the kitty pile pic, and the thought of Buster/Henry being rocked to sleep in Maggie's arms. Ahhh...

  7. Squeeeee - too, too cute. Love the updates.

  8. Oh, my, what a big, handsome hunk of mancat Buster turned out to be!

  9. These alumni updates are so awesome! The ultimate proof of the excellent work that Bean, Laurie and Craig do every day. Thank you IBKC!

  10. Ah, the kitty on the face/neck while trying to sleep. I too have had that problem. Since I live in studio I didn't have a lot of choice so I got a nice kitty bed to put next to my pillow and luckily, it is more attractive than my face or neck for sleeping, but he's still close enough that that need is satisfied. It's a win-win situation!

  11. Awww, I have a Henry-cat too (though he's a gray, not an orange) and he's the biggest love-bug too.

  12. Awwww!! I absolutely love seeing well-loved and happy alumni :)
    Thank you so much for the update



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