Friday, October 14, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If there's something strange
on your window sill
who ya gonna call?







  I ain't afraid of no ghosts.


  1. Thank you for the giggle! Buster is such a brave little guy, some lucky family will be able to sleep better at night knowing he is on the job.

  2. So enjoy how his eye color compliments his furry coat. Had an orange/cream Persian with matching eyes. Am currently without cats, so I vicariously visit your lovely fosters. Thanks for all the pleasant posts.

  3. They all have such squishy noses!

    Buster looks unimpressed with the ghosts. Maybe he's too sophisticated for them and needs some sparkleball enhancements. ;-)

  4. From the looks of it I'd say the ghosts are the scared ones! Too cute :)

  5. In photo #4 I imagine the ghost saying in a Mr. Bill voice "OOOoohh NOOOOOOO!! Its a kitteh!!!"

  6. I'd love a little champagne gold ghostbuster like Buster on my window sill. What a wonderful set of pictures of a very beautiful boy.

  7. Looks like he traversed the ghostly path with no difficulty - definitely a "ghost Buster" and such a beautiful buff boy. Oh Buster!

  8. Has Kenneth not been adopted yet? If so, I can't believe he hasn't been scooped up yet - what a cutie! Hope his lucky family finds him soon!

    BTW, and this is sort of a threadjack, but if anybody lives in or near San Pedro, CA and has time and love to take care of an adorable half-paralyzed Bengal kitten named Sketches please go to and let the kind folks who rescued her know. She was also on yesterday's front.

  9. Of course Buster loves Halloween. He's basically a pumpkin with feet.

  10. What a big brave boy!! Love the way he maneuvers between the ghosties without displacing any of them. I can't believe no one's scooped this precious boy up yet!!!

  11. Melissa: No, that's not a pumpkin with feet. I am owned by a much darker marmie who at 20 pounds is truly a pumpkin with feet. Aptly, his name is Pumpkin, but I usually call him Punkin :)

    I am so behind on Halloween decorating - but since I just moved in, I hope I'll be forgiven. I might limit it to a jack o'lantern this year and do something better next year.

  12. Beautiful pictures! Of course, My Milan would have purposefully knocked off each one of those ghosties performing one of her gravity experiments!

  13. What an awesome post, thanks so much for sharing this with us.



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