Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Crosswords are in Kenneth's Future!

Moments after I blogged about Kenneth Wiggins being on the market still, I got a message from Larry.  

Larry and Lisa were looking for a buddy for their cat, Merlin. Larry also needed some help with his New York Times crossword.

So, on Sunday, Larry and Lisa made their way to Tacoma  to meet the boy.    

Well, it all went splendidly.  This good-natured,  good-looking,  cross-wording lad found himself a place in their wonderful family.


Oh, and Kenneth will be keeping his name.    Which makes me happy because Kenneth is SUCH a Kenneth.

There were also whisperings about a blog.  Should that happen, you'll be the first to know.


  1. I'm so relieved. So happy he's keeping his name. He IS a Kenneth. That family is so lucky. xo

  2. Nice! I wondered if you'd found someone when you mentioned that 50% of the Wiggins were gone, then said that Buster and Susanna Rose were spoken for. That suggested they might be going together, which meant that if Tilda was gone, and half the kitties were still there, Kenneth had to be the other.

    Good to know I was right!

  3. I'm so glad he's found his forever home. He is just so cute. The polka dots on his little nose kill me!

  4. oh I'm glad he's going to a home with a love of crosswords puzzles! ;) He's soooo cute.

  5. I'm still holding out some mild hope that Susanna went home with your dad. I know we aren't allowed to try to convince you to keep any of the kittens, but thought maybe we could work on your parents instead!

    -mild threadjack -

    Thanks to all of you who commented on my feleuk kittens. The rescue group I volunteer with has a whole shelter devoted to adult FIV and feleuk kitties, so my fosters will be able go there to live happily ever after at 6 months or so. They are so sweet!

  6. Yayayayayayay Kenneth! And for keeping the name. Congrats to you and your future family. :)

  7. Congratualtiosn to Kenneth & his new family.
    And much appreciation for keeping his purrfect name!

    May you have much fun with crosswords from here on out!


    The meaning of the name Kenneth has to do with fire, which is so appropriate for his fiery-colored markings!


  9. Such wonderful news -- glad to hear that Kenneth (or Kenny) will have a furr ever friend to share his adventures with (and maybe a crossword trick or two). I am happy that his new family is keeping his name -- he is such a handsome Celt.

  10. Congrats to Kenneth for his new home!!! I hope the family has plenty of crossword puzzles on hand!

  11. Kenny is settling in nicely. He has a tons of toys to play with, but so far his favorite toy is Merlin. His new family feels very fortunate to have him.

  12. the orange and white ones just kill me with their cuteness. i don't know what it is about the orange and white ones.. okay, i do, i have my own beloved one. anyhow, i'm thrilled that sweet kenneth found a home so quickly and that he'll be very loved. i do hope his family decides to keep a blog, it's just so fun watching them grow up to be big cats!

  13. Oh Hooray!! Kenneth is just too freakin' cute not to have someone snatch him up. And now we find out that his brother is his new favorite toy? Yee-haw!!

  14. I love hearing immediate reports from the new families on how the itties are settling in -- thanks for letting us know, Larry! I suspect that I'm far from alone in feeling incredibly attached to all the kitties that Laurie (with the help of Craig and, of course, the Butterbean herself) raises to be wonderful loving creatures even though I've never met a one of them. It's like we're all one big happy family, and that includes all the new kitten parents, too.

    Laurie, have you ever considered having an Itty Bitties Family Reunion? For the humans, not so much the kitties, but I bet you could get quite a crowd together at this point!

  15. Thanks for the report, Larry. Sounds like Kenneth found his perfect home! I'm so happy for him.

  16. Has Kenneth managed to cure Merlin of his ennui? ;p

  17. Okay, I just found another reason why Kenneth was destined to be with Larry's family. Ilooked at Larry's blog, "Merlin the Magical Cat," and saw a photo of Merlin cuddling with Jack, his brother who has gone to the rainbow bridge (sob). Kenneth looks so much like Jack!

  18. Dear Laurie (and Charlene!)

    Can you post a link to this page?

    Kittens in NYC needed urgent help and new homes, or they'll be put down soon! They post the urgent list every week, it's so sad.

    This is genuinely some real good that fans of the IBKC in the new york city area could do, please post the link on your blog and help them.




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