Friday, October 28, 2011

Itty Bitty Vampire Committee Revisited

To help you all get into the holiday spirit, here's a little Halloween post from the past.  It's our little LaBath ladies.

Have a great weekend, everyone . Be safe!

Yes,, they look innocent enough, but I have reason to believe that one by one, these kittens are turning into vampires.

It all seems to have started with Miranda.

I vant to suck your blooooood

Innocent angel, Enid, was her first victim.

fallen angel

Then Hester's neck was next.

Your neck is next


And now Georgette is really, really scared. (note puffed-out tail)

does that mean I'm next?

Because her sisters are looking awfully thirsty.

One of us,,, one of us...


  1. Be afraid Georgette, very, very afraid!

  2. Reminds our human of two cats her parents had. The tabby was notorious for cleaning up the Siamese then attacking with the bitey. Happy weekend everyone!

  3. I've never seen such cute vampires.

    Happy Halloween, everyone! ^^o^^

  4. Heeeheee...I wasn't around for the LaBath ladies. These pictures made me giggle. Thanks Laurie.

  5. Make sure you hover your mouse over the pictures.

    hee hee Love the little vampires!

  6. I need to remember to check the hovertext on the story postings!

    Lovely LaBath ladies look so "vicious"!

  7. Ha Ha! I love the fluffy innocent necks offered up for the bite......

  8. A true horror floof masterpiece!



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