Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey, friends..
Just wanted to let you know that all the kitty cards in the IBKC shop are currently 30% off.  This will be the biggest sale we'll have before Christmas, so if you care to stuff some stockings with kitty cards, now's a good time to shop.   The sale ends tomorrow at midnight (Pacific Time)  so don't delay!

Just enter the discount code "thirty" when prompted.

We're currently out of Sparkle Balls, but I've got some on order, so we'll be seeing them VERY soon.

Click HERE to visit the IBKC shop.



  1. I know why you are out of Sparkle Balls, Laurie. Oh sure, they are awesome and kitties love them so it is no surprise they are popular. But I think the little secret you aren't telling us is that Charlene has secretly told all of her customers to wedge those little things as far as possible behind the heaviest and least movable items in the household so we all have to order more.

  2. YAY! Thanks, Laurie...will order some sparkle balls as soon as they come in!

  3. I'm also going to order some sparkle balls for Peeps (and Blue and Remy too) as soon as they are restocked. Anything with the Charlene Butterbean seal of approval can't be missed!



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