Friday, September 2, 2011

Opal Doesn't Live Here Anymore






 Our little Opal left us this week.  She found a fabulous family, and she loves them.  In fact,  she hasn't stopped purring since she moved in.

She's got a big sister, Zoe, who's two years old.  They're still getting used to each other, but I bet it won't be too much longer before they love each other too.

When Kami and Chris, Opals new parents,  came to meet the kittens, Opal was quite excited to meet them.  She climbed into Kami's lap and spent most of their visit right there, being cute and charming.  

The other two bounced around and came by to say hello, but it seemed they knew Opal would be the "chosen one" so they weren't trying too hard to be dazzling.   Besides, there were ping-ping balls to chase.

After just a little discussion, they decided Opal should be theirs, and we filled out all the adoption paperwork.  

Chris brought the carrier inside and Opal hopped right in.  


 The McGillicuddy girls said their goodbyes, and away she went.


Kami sent us a nice little update already.  Here's what she had to say...

"Just wanted to let you know that Opal is doing so well in her new home!  She is so sweet and loving; we are definitely in love.  She absolutely loves being held and pet.  She is currently fast asleep on Chris's shoulder, it is pretty cute.  She certainly has a little motor on her, and has not stopped purring since we brought her home yesterday. "

Sounds like a perfect match, doesn't it?   


  1. So great to hear that Opal has gone to such a lovely home. Those final pictures of her with her sisters looking into her carrying case are cute but also quite sad. At least they have each other and she had her sparkle balls for the journey. Congratulations on your new home, Opal!

  2. Yaay for Opal and her new family!

    I have to say that those last pictures made me tear up. They must be so confused initially.

  3. I'm so happy Opal has found a loving family and has a big sister. I miss her little helmet.

    I'm with Moya...that pic is bittersweet. Hope Victoria and Cheryl don't miss her too much!

  4. What a wonderful adventure Opal is on, tho I agree it is a tad bittersweet when her siblings were looking into the kennel.

    Fare thee well, dear Opal. May you and Zoe rule the roost!

  5. awwww - it is cute when kittens decide all on their own who is going. :)

  6. I do get to take my sparkeball with me, right...right?

  7. Aww good for Opal, glad to hear she's found her forever home. Hope Victoria and Cheryl soon do too :)

  8. Wonderful news! I too think the kitties decided for themselves that this family was perfect for Opal!

  9. Wonderful news, hope the other two kittens find great homes too. :)

  10. i love "in the new home" stories. so glad she found a loving family! she's just gorgeous.

  11. Yay! Oh, itty bitty kitties, you are such lucky ducks. What a wonderful little story and what a great life little Opal will lead.

  12. Oh Opal! I miss her already! Kami, Chris and Zoe are such a lucky family to have her! :D

  13. Opal is a doll. I am missing my own Hanz who went to kitty heaven last month. 18 happy years together.

  14. It's amazing how they just *know* when they've found the right family. Happy housewarming, Opal :)



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