Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye Girls

I knew there was a special family out there for Victoria and Cheryl. We just had to wait for them to find their way to us.

 Well, finally they came!

Through a series of links, Elaine and Ed found their way to the Humane Society website where they saw Victoria and Cheryl.  From there, they came to the IBKC, read all about the girls, and knew they would be the perfect kittens for them.

I knew the second I read Elaine's email that she and her husband Ed would be the perfect parents for these two. She just said all the right things and sounded so very, very nice. We spoke on the phone the next morning and had a good, long conversation and yep, she was very, very nice.

Ed and Elaine are the kind of people who love their kittens like they are their own children and THOSE are the kind of people we always like to adopt to.

So even though it took a while for them to get here, they were worth the wait.  

I've had lots of email exchanges with Ed and Elaine and it sounds like the girls are doing really great.   They're having fun exploring their new home together and are enjoying the giant cat tower placed in front of the window overlooking the lake.  It's a great view and an excellent place to watch the wildlife.  They are getting to know their new parents and already are giving them lots of love and many purrs.

I know I've said this before, and I'll say it again, but I am so grateful for the wonderful people that find their way to us and adopt our kittens.  Knowing our babes are going to homes like this where they'll be given all the love these special little beings deserve, is what makes it bearable to part with them.  

We are so, so lucky.

And so are these kittens.

And so are Ed and Elaine.

Thank you, Universe!

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  1. Ok I've been hitting refresh on my Facebook feed just to see if the story was posted.

    And yay it was!!

    Thank you Ed and Elaine for adopting these lovely little ladies. Laurie is right - thanks to the universe for sending you wonderful folks their way. :)

    Would love updates as the girls grow up.

  2. They are so deserving and lovely. Good luck to them. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  3. Yaay for wonderful forever homes and awesome new families!

    I'm so glad these special girls found the perfect family. It sounds like they will have a great life filled with love. What more could we ask for, really!?

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations to all! I hope we'll get a chance to see the girls all grown up...they are going to be stunning! They are already adoreable beyond belief!

  5. Best news ever! What lucky ducks on all sides.

  6. And besides, they were going to be outgrowing kitten kibble someday, and Charlene would have to share big cat food! :)

    Yay for forever homes!

  7. Ohhh a lakeside home, very nice digs for two lucky IBKC alums.I'm sure Cheryl and Victoria will love watching the wildlife from their window.

  8. Hugs and kudos to Ed and Elaine for being so good and so wise!

  9. Yeah Universe, yeah Ed and Elaine, yeah Laurie, Craig and Bean, yeah Humane Society, yeah IBKC, yeah Internet and YEAH Cheryl and Victoria. So glad your furever home came and even came equipped with a lake, window, cat tower, wildlife and really nice human parents. Definitely worth the wait! Enjoy life girls.

  10. So wonderful to hear these two lovely kittens have found a good forever home. :)

  11. YEAH!!!! Yep - the wait is always worth it when there is a happy ending!

  12. Happy endings always make me cry -- so glad these two little ones found their forever home together with Ed and Elaine. And resort living to boot !! -- how lucky is that. You Go Girls !!

  13. my goodness, those are some pretty kittens

  14. I love to stop by your blog even though I live in Scotland. It's so good to hear of happy endings.

  15. Bye bye, sweet Victoria Anne and Cheryl McG, you gorgeous girlies you!! Write soon, you hear??

  16. What joy that these darling sisters were adopted together. Joy for them, for us (including you, Laurie), and for their very fortunate parents. Yay yay yay!!!

  17. Goodbye, precious calico girls! Have a great, happy life full of love!



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