Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Cards Today and Tomorrow!

I've decided to run a little special over at the IBKC shop.  Starting today (8/18/11) and ending midnight tomorrow (8/19/11), if you order  any two sets of IBKC cards, I'll be sending a third set of cards along for free!   

For your 'free' set, you'll have your choice between The Drapers and The Musselmans, so when you place your order, please let me know which set you would like. 

Click here to visit the IBKC shop and take advantage of this limited time offer. 



  1. Laurie, what are the dimensions on the postcards? I might have a use for large numbers of postcards in the near future.

  2. Laurie, Have you ever thought of publishing a book with your wonderful photos and stories about Bean and the kittens? I think it would be AWESOME!!!

  3. I second the suggestion by catsrthebest. A book would be awesome.

  4. This Space... they're 4" x 6". Let me know if you need quantities and we can work something out.

    Yep, catrthebest, def thought about it.



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