Monday, July 11, 2011

YAY! Another Matching Donation Challenge!!

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gardiner are former Tacoma residents who are well aware of the great work the our Humane Society does here. They now live in Scottsdale, Arizona. They keep in close touch with their daughter who's still a Tacoma resident, and at their daughter's request, they're offering a $750 matching donation challenge to help raise money for homeless cats and kittens. Mrs. Gardiner is a faithful IBKC reader and a longtime admirer of Charlene Butterbean!

We've got until 9:00 PM Pacific Time to meet this match.

You all know how this works... all of our donations are doubled today until we hit $750, and thanks to the Gardiners, that $750 turns into $1500.

Here's a chance to make your donation REALLY count! Your dollars will be DOUBLED!

So let's gets rolling and meet their generous match! Just visit our Firstgivng Fundraising page and make your tax-deductible donation!

Thank you Gardiners for caring from afar! And thanks in advance to all of you who help us meet this match!

One last thing... if there are any others out there interested in sponsoring a matching donation challenge, please shoot me an email and let me know!

Thank you everyone for your awesome support. We're on the home stretch now! Just 12 days left of fundraising, and life will return to normal!! Thanks so much for staying tuned and giving so much.


  1. I donated earlier today, does it count??!!

  2. Yeah Gardiners!! That is so generous of y'all. Laurie - what you have done through IBKC is just amazing!

    So the IBKC fosters stay local but what about Kisses? Might she come to a Texas home?

  3. Cheers for the Gardiners and thanks, now I can read the blog guilt free now that I donated!! Hey Laurie, how's the team doing in the rankings? I hope we are kicking dog butt and if not, that's cool, means everyone is raising $$$



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