Saturday, July 2, 2011

Opurrators are Standing By...

Even though it's a holiday weekend, oppurators are still standing by and ready to take your calls!   Don't worry, the kittens are getting holiday pay which means TWICE as many sparkleballs and treats.  


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Thank you, friends!  


  1. Since Phoebe skipped out on her shift yesterday, does that mean she's pulling a double today? Did she call in sick yesterday to lay out in the (one of our rare days of) sun?

  2. Double time for a holiday weekend? Laurie, did the kittens unionize on you?

    SEIMew? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

  3. Glad to see Phoebe has returned to the phones. Just what was she up to yesterday when she was playing hooky?

  4. Sparkle balls and treats, yay! What more could an enterprising young worker cat require? Best of luck with the fund raising!



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