Friday, July 1, 2011

Marla, We Have Met Our Match and Passed a Milestone!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Not only did we meet Cynthia's 2 squillion matching donation challenge today (hours before it ended)  we passed a major milestone!   Just twelve days into our fundraiser, we passed the half way point of our goal.   Throw in Cynthia's 2 squillion , and we're at roughly $27.5 squillion!!  

Sorry to use all caps, but...  ISN'T THAT AMAZING!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Cynthia.  Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for your love,  generosity and support.   I'm so proud of what we're accomplishing together.  You all are incredible.

Now Marla, do you have ANY idea how many sparkleballs twenty-seven and a half squillion dollars will buy?


Squillions and squillions of sparkleballs.



What an AWESOME way to kick off this holiday weekend!

xoxx  love you all,,, Laurie


  1. Awesome job!! Yeah Cynthia - so very generous!! Great job Sheldon!! I didn't even get to donate today so thinking I will save it cause I know there will be another match day or some other challenge to tempt me. Cheers and Well Done to Laurie, Craig, Bean, the Dearborns and all the IBKC devotees.

  2. YAY!!!!! And that Marla, she's so danged cute!

  3. Congrats!!!!!! And I love Marla giving us all a High-Five before cheering!

    Happy Holiday Weekend everyone! Canada Day! US Independence Day! Kittehs Rule Every Day!

    And Cynthia? You are Awesome!!!!

  4. Laurie, with the three day weekend I suspect it might be a little slow around the fundraising set... but the kitties better rest up because we still have a ways to go once the weekend is over!!

  5. OMCC!! That's WONDERFUL. And as for Marla, major squee! Look at that beautiful pink healthy mouth and white teeth. And that soft colorful fur. *sigh* I...I want her so bad.

  6. This is the happiest post ever!!!

  7. Laurie, you do such a great thing with this blog, I felt a little bad for donating my money here instead of to my local shelter, but I love what you do and the photo of the kittens on the back of the sofa really tugged my heartstrings. One of my favorite photos is of my two cats acting like mirror images of each other on the back of a sofa. And it was a month ago that we lost one of them, so I made a memorial donation to your cause and cried while filling out the form. And then went and adopted an adult cat from a local shelter. So thank you for providing my kitten fix. :)

  8. @Carrie - so sorry to hear of your loss, many purrs for your memorial and a Marla style cheer for the new family member!!!!

  9. And...WOO-HOOOOooooo!!!

    Marla says it better (and way more cuter!)than I with her little vampirey teefs!

  10. Carrie, Oh, my goodness, please don't feel bad! You're helping cats and kitties! It doesn't matter where they live. And besides, you just adopted an adult cat from your local shelter, which is super-awesome. That's an incredible way to support your local shelter!!
    I'm sorry for your recent loss. I hope the new addition to your family makes your heart happy. xo



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