Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Little Gray Guy.

His naming rights auction ended, but we're still waiting to find out what this little fellow's name is.   As soon as we get word, we'll let you know.   He's waiting patiently for the announcement.   And until we know what to call him, he will remain "the little gray guy".





Tomorrow, we'll have the big Dog-A-Thon report, we'll announce the totals, and there will be prizes to give away!!   YAY!     Also, a big gushing thank you  note to all of you awesome folks.  Did you notice we rolled past $55 squillion!   WOOT!  

One last thing before I go...

I'll be selling my crafty wares over HERE today.   Any Tacomans looking for something fun to do today, please come say hello and check out the arts and crafts from a most excellent selection of vendors!  Hope to see you there! 



  1. Little gray guy needs his name . . . we have Priscilla, Clifford and Barnum Bailey Batsel.

    He is so adorable - of course I am rather partial to tabbies.

  2. He's so cute. I always wanted a silver tabby. Maybe someday!

  3. Tiny tabbies always look so serious!

  4. Gorgeous little guy is gonna grow into a lovely man-cat.

  5. I bet he'd answer to "hey, handsome" for the time being.

    Tina & The Kittyboyz

  6. He looks like he's thinking deep thoughts, or else slightly sad. You're going to have to show us some photos of him being silly, so we know he's as cheerful as the next Batsel...

  7. That is such an adorable shot! It looks like one of those studio photos of a baby, where they've propped it up and it's leaning on its little arm. :)

  8. Wow little gray guy sure has cute little tiger stripes! And I love little gray guy's black nose.

  9. I think he's so adorable he should be referred to as the incredibly cute little grey guy.

  10. Perfect.

    Calm, cute, cuddly, composed.


    Auntie Em

  11. ! I didn't even KNOW there was a crafts fair at King's Books today! Darn it.
    Can't wait to see what that little gray guy's name is!

  12. I'm always a softie for kittahs who have M's on their foreheads. ->^..^<-

  13. He is, in fact, a *silver* tabby but it appears that as long as you treat him like the prince that he is (from what I can gather all cats chez Laurie are treated like royalty), he will humor you by letting you confuse him for one of those common "gray guys." ;p

  14. He looks strikingly similar to my dear little Lily, although she is a torbie. One orange toe and a spot on her back that looks like someone colored it in with a highlighter :)

  15. He's so cute...and waiting so patiently for his name. Please tell me he has one now! I've been checking in all weekend to see what it is!

    Until I find out what his real name is, I'm going to call him "Billy." Billy Batsel. :)



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