Saturday, July 23, 2011


Our dear friend Eleanor, who came for Tea with the Bean, named Dominick Fortunato in 2009 and Betty June Suprenant in 20010, was the winning bidder on this little fellow's naming right's auction. 


Here's what she had to say... 

I felt very strongly, after your first, flying kitties post, that this was a circus family, and had I won the last name, I would have called them the Wallendas, but no fear, I have a first name plan.  He flies, and he looks a bit of a clown, with his smudged makeup, so if it's ok with you, I'd like to name him: Barnum Bailey Batsel.  I like the triple B action too! 

Barnum Bailey Bastsel it is!   And I love it!!  

Thanks once again for all the awesome support, Eleanor!!    You're the best!  xoxo

So far we've got three out of four named.  The last auction has ended, and we're just waiting to find out what we'll calling our little gray guy.  


  1. Barnum Bailey Batsel! Novel, perfect, hilarious, suiting this little guy perfectly....great job, Eleanor.

  2. It really is a perfect name; good choice, Eleanor! (And he can be nicknamed "Barney", too!)

  3. Perfect choice Eleanor - I like the BBB too.

  4. Nice to meet you, Barnum. You are absolutely perfect!

  5. Hello dear little Barnum.


    Auntie Em

  6. Sweet Barnum Bailey, pleased to make your acquaintance you handsome boy!

  7. Nanette said....Dear Friends,

    For some time, I have been unable to post 'meows' because I keep getting sent to Blogger every time I try to preview or post. No matter how many times I sign myself out on my Google Acct., when I post, I'm sent to Blogger and have a password signed in; it will not let me delete.

    I do not know what I might have done to cause this; none of the suggestions I have received from an outside query has resolved the problem.

    Since this is a caring community, I am throwing myself on your collective knowledge and mercy. What do I do?

    Many of you have had such kind things to say about my kitten naming and I feel very badly that I could not respond. I feel like I'm a plague victim in quaranting. Help!

  8. Nanette said....

    BTW, Whether it's Barnum Bailey Batsel, B. Bailey Batsel, Barnum B. Batsel, B.B. Batsel, Barney Batsel, or Mr. B....It's all great, Eleanor!

  9. I am horrified by this name. The circus, especially Barnum and Bailey is a horribly cruel institution to animals.



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