Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ain't No Party Like a Kitten Party

YES!  Our shift is over!   Let's get this party started. 


Rrriiiiiiinnnnnng.  Rrriiiiiiinnnnnng.


Wait.  The phone just rang.  We should probably get that. Right?   Even though technically, we're not on the clock. 


Rrriiiiiiinnnnnng. Rrriiiiiiinnnnnng.  Rrriiiiiiinnnnnng.


Rrriiiiiiinnnnnng.  Rrr..........   (rolls to voicemail)


Cue the music Sheldon.  Let's rock it. 


We earned this break.  We've been working our tiny-hinies off for nearly four weeks straight.  Pass me the catnip, please.   I'd like to sprinkle some on my sparkleball and really cut loose.

Go for it Kittens. You deserve it. But please don't trash the set.  We've got a new set of phone bank volunteers on their way.    Yes, thanks to you we cleared 40 squillion.  But we're not done with this FUNdraiser yet.


  1. You have all done a great job, so well done. Will miss your adorable little faces. Hope your forever homes are wonderful places. Lots of hugs.

  2. Pearla is just leaving her 'chomp' on the set, isn't she?

    YAY Dearborns Rule! Have wonderful lives, tho we will miss your sweet selves!

  3. Awwww ... we are all very proud of yoor hard werk!

  4. Ya better party now, kittehs, 'cuz your new parents will probably make you go to bed at a decent hour and will make you do your homework on time and will probably take you to boring places like museums on the weekends.... NOT!

    Congratulations to the Dearborns and I can't wait to see the new batch. I betcha they are cute and little!!

  5. Many blessings to you, dear ones!

  6. Just for the record, Geraldine WAS trying to answer the phone. Just sayin' that the girl learned her lesson. :) Sweet!

  7. Oh I'm so glad to see that Pearla finally got that sparkle ball garland that has been "horribly distracting" her since she gave us the first tour of the set! I'll miss your sweet little pink nose, nose-booping self!!

  8. Cutest kitten party ever! Let's hope they didn't wreck the set like the Suprenant Sisters did last year!

  9. These FUNdraiser set picture series should win some kind of award or something!!!

    I keep coming back to have another look at these, there's so much going on!! Bold Miss Geraldine up on that table (yeah she grew an awful lot but she still looks pretty itty bitty up there, no?)... Marla using Pearla for a little paw support as she investigates the sparkle balls... Pearla having a good old nom nom session... Phoebe's priceless paw position in the first picture... too much!! Way too cute!!!

  10. P.S. how DID you get them to all look over at the phone table like that?! Amazing!! :)



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