Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quiet on the Set

OK, Kittens. Gather 'round.


We're on day three of our FUNdraiser, and so far we've raised 5.5 squillion, which is really amazing. We still have a very long way to go, so It's important that we maintain this momentum.

Are you with me?


Kittens? Are you with me?


Kittens!! I said ARE YOU WITH ME?


According to the rules of Kitten Workers Union Local 253, we're allowed up to six four-hour naps each day. I'm sorry, but it's nap time.


Thank you, Phoebe. That seems a bit excessive, but I suppose these rules are in place to protect the kittens. You have been working pretty hard, so perhaps a break is in order.

SO, until the Dearborns wake up, you can make your tax-deductible donations online by visiting HERE.

Thanks again to all of those who made contributions and helped spread the word. We appreciate it, and because of it, we're well on our way!

To stay on track, we're trying to get another two squillion raised before the day is out. So if you're in a position to help us make it happen, we certainly would appreciate your support.

Thank you, friends! You are amazing and we appreciate you so much.


  1. If they're not trashing the joint, they're sleeping on the job. Good help is so hard to find.

  2. I totally agree Mo. Where do I sign up?

  3. Sleeping kittens are the bestest.

    Laurie, your captions are hilarious!

  4. Best collective bargaining agreement ever! Jimmy Hoffa would be proud...

  5. Just wondering how we bid for Tea with the Bean!!!

  6. Love today's 'daily contribution challenge'. I don't think I could cover that check!

  7. I think Geraldine is my fave of this litter. She's so floofy. And I love the way her head is cocked in the first picture.

  8. Phoenix Lam - Mid fundraiser, I'll be posting the auction on Ebay. I'll make the announcement when it goes live.

  9. how on Earth do you get kittens to stand in a line like that? I can't even get a photo with my 6 adult cats together any which way! My husband tried to get a photo of me with all 6 on Mother's Day but wow, what an epic fail! Tell me your secret!

  10. I love kittens specially when they are playing. I read a lot of information in this site just try it your self to read more information about pets.

  11. Both Icanhascheezburger and Cute Overload have pictures of TIBKC fundraiser today (6/25/11) which will help spread the word.

  12. This is just the funniest series of pictures and captions ever!!! LOVE IT!!



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