Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Behind the Scenes Tour

Good Morning, everyone! I have to say, day one of the fundraiser was great! We cleared three squillion, and that's pretty awesome. Thanks to all of you who jumped right in and made your donations!!!

So far today it's been a little quiet, but I'm confident things will pick up and I hope before the day is out, we will clear five squillion!

Today I thought it might be fun to give you all a little tour of the 2011 FUNdraiser set. Miss Pearla was kind enough to take a break from her shift on the phones to show you all around...

Good Morning, Pearla!


Hello! Let me put this caller on hold, and I'll be with you in just a sec.... OK! Welcome! Welcome to the IBKC FUNdraising set! We're so happy you could stop by this morning!


Why don't we start right here with the phones. Here we have our phone bank where our operators sit and take your calls and donations. As you can see,,, nothing by state of the art technology here!


Over here we have clocks displaying times from around the world - like Tacoma and Los Gatos! Below that, our tote board, which we will be updating soon.


I'm sorry, but I find myself getting horribly distracted by this sparkleball garland and I do have to question the set designer's call on that one. Seriously, kittens work here. How do you expect us to stay focused with that hanging above our heads all day?


Follow me, please.


Here we have our Wall of Fame featuring photos of our IBKC alumni and of course, Ms Butterbean.

And this completes our tour. If you'll excuse me, please. I hate to keep this caller waiting a second longer. Thank you for stopping by.


It looks like the lines might be tied up for awhile. To make a tax-deductible donation, please click HERE . Let's hit five squillion mark before the day is out!

Thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to show us all around, Pearla!


  1. THIS IS TOOO CREATIVE AND ADORABLE! I'm fainting over and over again at the cuteness!

  2. Too adorable! Thank you, Miss Pearla. You're a great tour guide!

  3. Pearla is my face IBK of all time. I mean, they are all so preciously awesome in their own ways, but there's just something about this little gem!

  4. The color of the set suits Miss P!

  5. OK seriously, this just isn't fair, using all this cuteness against us!! I've pledged that all of my donations would go to my local shelter, but if you keep up this level of adorableness I might just have to break my pledge...

  6. Holy Mackerel!
    Miss Pearla is adorable and a very sweet little hostess.

    I hope she gets a bonus pet or tuna flake for her excellent purrformance!

    And her little rounded tummy as she shows us the clocks... lovely

  7. That Pearla is GOOD! And, she has acquired quite a little belly, in an adorable way. Why is that body type so darling on Pearla and on me it's, well, gross!

  8. "Seriously, kittens work here." Hahahaha! That was where I lost it -- Pearla was so, so right! Such a total precious kitten, and such a fabulous tour guide! Hahahaha! (I wander off giggling....)

  9. ooooooooo my little baby Pearla! What a good little worker she is lol!

  10. Oh.mah.Gah. Could that BE any more adorable????

  11. Great job, Pearla! Thanks for IBKC fundraiser inside look!

  12. Ok, this brings the nickname "furBALL" to a whole new level.

  13. Lily & Siam's cat mamaJune 21, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    Happy to see the kittehs at work on the phones. Just curious: what happened to the itty bitty coffee mug that one of the Kittens of Mass Destruction was carrying around in her mouth last year? Kittehs need caffeine to stay away at the phones.

  14. Ring, ring, ring.
    Hello, is Hubie there?

  15. Oh my goodness Laurie, you have outdone yourself this year!! Between the gorgeous little set for the Dearborns & the super cute little kitties....it's almost too much to handle!

  16. I think my donation just pushed us over the 5 squillion mark! Yaaaaaay! Thanks for all you do!

  17. Honestly, I don't know why every fundraiser on Earth doesn't use this approach. Who can resist a kitten with a sales pitch?

  18. I've never seen anything this cute - EVER! Must DONATE now! Thanks for all this Itty Bitty Cuteness and all the goodness you bring for these adorable babies.

  19. Thanks for the tour and your the the most beautiful tourguide. Good luck. :)

  20. Wot a fabulous tour. And we love those sparkly balls.

  21. Ok...I have to speak up on two things:
    1) Did you notice that 2010 was accidentally mentioned in the write-up instead of 2011?

    2) SO ADORABLE!!!!!

  22. Yay! You made 5 squillion! I'll celebrate by covering a case of KMR!

  23. That is the cutest most kissable tummy ever.

  24. LOVE the white stockings she's "wearing" on her back legs! :)

  25. *Love* the sparkleball garland - must.have.some. Also curious if the coffee mug will re-appear? :-)

  26. omg that roly-poly belly!



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