Monday, May 30, 2011

Adios, Easterbrooks!

Well, all the Easterbrooks left within an hour of each other on Thursday night. Usually the kittens sort of trickle out the door so we're not used to going from kitten-full to kitten-free in such a small window of time.

It was a bit of an adjustment, but it's OK. We feel great about where they went, which makes it all easier. Also, I know we'll be able to keep close tabs on these kittens, too.....



Astrid went first. She was adopted by a very sweet couple, Daniel and Thuc. They are serious cat lovers/spoilers, and have a beautiful, sleek, gray and white young-lady-cat named Mochie. You'll be happy to know that Mochie has a blog already, so you'll be able to follow her adventures with Miss Astrid by clicking HERE. They adore little Astrid already, so I know she'll do just great in her new home.


Thurston and Norma left together. They were adopted by adopted by my friend, Katy and her partner, Jerry. Katy and I go WAY back. WAY back. We were college roomies at Iowa State.

Katy and Jerry had been in the market for a pair of kitties since last fall. They both have a weakness for Tuxedos and cats with darker coats, and were hoping a litter containing those colors would come our way.

FINALLY they did. So, I gave Katy a call, and they came down to meet the Easterbrooks. They considered all possible parings, and even toyed with the idea of three for a brief moment. Eventually decided that Norma and Thurston were the ones for them.





I've gotten a couple of reports already, and Thurston and Norma are doing superbly. It's sounds like they're settling right in.

I couldn't be happier with the homes our kittens landed.
Hooray for three more happy endings!

Hooray!!!! : )


  1. We are so glad they all have lovely new forever homes to go to :)xx

  2. so adorable. i envy the new owners/human parents :)

  3. We're actually leasing living space with our cats. They own the house and set the activity schedules.

    Just wanted to report that Pippi (Astrid) is getting along with Mochi now. Only took three days!

    They like to chase each other, mostly at nights while we sleep. Pippi is growing so quickly and learning all nooks and crannies in the house.

    Definitely check out the blog, we hope to keep it up to date with all things Pippi and Mochi.

  4. Thank you for sharing!

    So happy for these sweet babies and their new parents. <3

    I'm glad we'll be getting updates...cause I miss them already. Sniff.

  5. Wonderful news! Wishing you happiness and fun all your lives, dear Easterbrooks!

  6. Love little Norma's sticking out of her tongue while her bare belly is displayed along with the gigantic yellow tag on her collar.

    All 3 are gorgeous\handsome kitties and lucky to have a Butterbean & Laurie\Craig start in life.

  7. How wonderful! That top photo is just too much. Sweet Astrid (now Pippi!). Seems you will be able to keep tabs on the entire litter and watch them grow up! I"ve already checked out Mochi's blog!

  8. They still look so little in their big tag collars. Glad they all when to good homes. And that no one is alone!! 'cept Bean but she won't be alone for long...

  9. Hooray!! Another success story from the Butterbean Institute for Teeny Tiny Youngsters! They are off on a grand adventure...

  10. Goodbye, sweet Baby Bear and adorable Tuxie Twins! Have wonderful, happy healthy lives with your forever families!

    Mochi is so cute! And she seems to be a total darling, so I have no doubt she and Pippi/Astrid will be the best of friends/sisters!

  11. Looks so cute :)

    Goodbye little ones ...

  12. So glad they have gone to good homes. !!!



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