Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parting Ways with Peter Medley


Remember Fern Lyttleton? Well, Leslie, Fern's mom, has a friend named Jill. And Jill and her husband were on the hunt for a little friend for their one-year-old boy-kitty.

Jill contacted me during the LONG kitten drought we had earlier in the year, and then waited patiently for the Medleys to arrive.

On the day she came by for meet and greets, Peter was being his smart, bouncy, charming self so he quickly landed himself a new family.

Jill and Leslie came on Sunday to pick up Peter. Peter romped and played with the others while we completed the adoption paperwork.

And when we were all done, he fell asleep in his loving mother's hands.




I think the boy's pretty happy with his new mama. And I know his mama feels the same.

We're pretty happy too. Our little Peter-Pants found himself an awesome home.


  1. such a good sign...falling asleep in mama's arms! Yeah for Peter! Yeah for Jill & her husband! Yeah for the big brother kitty!

  2. I can't believe they're going already - but what a sweet scene of parting!

  3. Last two pics - kitty smile and total contentment and trust in his new mum!

    You go little guy!!!

  4. i'm glad that peter-pants is so comfy with forever mama. but, where is linus going? i wish he could come here (we need another Pacific Northwesterner here in the high desert of northern Utah!), but i don't think that would fly with mr. alpha cat. he's already ticked off at the kittens we have already.

  5. He looks SO blissful-- happy kitty, happy mom!

  6. YEAH!! We are very glad he found a great home with an older brother (but looking at that last picture, he might have been faking the nap).

  7. I love the Peter Pants puddle in his mom's paws...<> hands.

    Have a wonderful life dear Peter!

  8. Oh Peter....such a cutie patootie! Can't wait to see updates of this little fella, and all the rest from this extraordinary Medley family! What's the latest on Linus' furever family?

  9. Now that's a happy little bunny! And he is so handsome in the first photo. Goodbye, sweet adorable Peter; have a great life with your forever family - and have fun with your new brother!

  10. Awwww...I could swear Peter is winking at us in that last picture! Yes, Petie, you've done good! Have a wonderful life with your forever family, sweet one!

  11. Yay!!!I am so happy for Mr. Peter-Pants!

    Doesn't he look both still so itty bitty in his new mama's hands, and yet so grown up in the first picture!!

    And that "wink" in the last picture -- it's as if he's saying, "yeah... Linus might be floofy, sure, but I am awesome too and this lady knows quality kittenhood when she sees it!!"

  12. I believe the official IBKC term is "noodles" as previously exhibited by Francine and Rhoda Darling:

    So happy for Peter!

  13. I'm sure Peter had no problems landing a family. He's such a wonderful little flirt.

  14. Aww, it does make it (very slightly) easier to say goodbye when he looks so absolutely content in his new mama's lap.

    I'm really going to miss this little guy. I hope he's having a great time in his forever home.

  15. I am just green with envy of Peter's new family. He is one special kitten! It's obvious his new mama knows that, but I'm still going to miss him here. Even though more adorable babies will be along to once again capture our hearts, of course!



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