Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye to the First Pair of Bartletts



Waaaaaaaay back before Christmas, Mara, now mama to Imogene and Marcel Bartlett, sent me an email. She found out about my blog from our mutual friend Jennifer, aka Opal's mom, and was in search of a pair of kittens. You all remember Opal, right? If not, click HERE and read this post.

Anyway, Mara's daughter Lola, just happens to be Opal's best friend.

Mara wanted a girl-kitten and a boy-kitten, so naturally, being the only girl, Imogene was a shoe-in. Mara just needed to decide on the perfect boy to accompany her. After a meet and greet and some contemplation, it was decided that Marcel was the one.

She went home and told Lola all about their soon-to-be kittens and little Lola literally jumped for joy.

The original plan was to have their kittens to them shortly after Christmas, but thanks to a little upper respiratory issue bouncing between the kittens, it was delayed a spell. Their awaiting family was quite patient and understanding and willing to wait for these fabulous kittens to be 100% before adopting them.

They came by on Christmas Day so Lola and her dad Jeff could meet the babies. As you can see, Lola was quite smitten with them from the start. The kittens were so good, and seemed quite comfortable in her arms.



After their visit, Mara shared this with me...

She (Lola) has been telling everyone about her visit with the kittens and very excited to bring them home. She has now named Marcel, “Marcel Cutie-Gray, because he is sooooo cute and he’s gray,” she says. And Imogene is Imogene Maddie Bartlett, because she decided months ago that her girl kitty would have Maddie in her name.

Pretty sweet, huh?

So... we waited for a round of antibiotics to work their magic, and then all the Bartletts went in for surgery, and were officially available for adoption yesterday.

Yesterday Mara and family came, and off went Marcel and Imogene.

I got an email already this morning from Mara. It sounds like everyone is doing really great and they've even had their first introduction to Lucy, the family dog.

She also sent a few a pictures of the kitties looking all comfortable in their new home. (see below)

Here's what she had to say...

Hi Laurie,
The kitties are loving their new digs! They stayed in our spare bedroom last night and immediately made themselves at home. When we let them out of their carrier, Imogene was very cuddly with Lola and purring instantly while she held her on the bed for a while. We had the door open at first with the baby gate across and they weren't too freaked out by Lucy but did retreat to play under the bed for a while after they saw her.

I trekked out to Petsmart and got them some more toys, scratcher refills, treats, & one of those cool curvy lounger scratcher things like the one in your living room. They're spoiled already and feeling right at home!

We gave them some quiet time alone to explore the room & relax. Before we went to sleep, I checked in one them and they were lounging on the pillows on the bed together, had eaten some food and pooped in the litter box. But you were right--Kitten poop is stinky STINKY;)

Thanks again for giving them such a great start and for taking such good care of them! We are very excited to have them in our family now.

Here's a few pics and will have more to come. There's a few more of Lola with the kitties on my phone, but the network is down I guess so I'll send those later.

Have a fabulous day!


kittens_first night_1884

We're so happy this special pair found such a loving family. Thanks Mara, Jeff, and Lola for opening up your home to them. I know they will bring you so much joy. It's what they do best.

Here's one last photo of all the Bartletts together, taken shortly before we said goodbye to Imogene and Marcel. What a splendid little litter. How lucky we were to spend time with them.



  1. You are my hero. I cry when they leave you and I'm across the country. <3

  2. I love the pictures of the adorable little girl holding the kitties. Perfect match.

  3. those are some very lucky kittens

  4. What a perfect home they have found, and I am sure Opal will be visiting quite often! All of this makes seeing them go a little easier...

  5. Wow -- fabulous post!! I'm so happy for Marcel Cutie-Gray and Imogene Maddie and their new family!!!

  6. How fabulous! you feel sad when you've adopted out kitties, but when you see how happy they are and how well they're doing, it makes it all worth while! I should know! I have adopted out over 9! Not nearly as many as you, but I'm happy!

  7. Fantastic life those kittens will have with their little girl and her family!

    Opal helps kitties in so many ways!

  8. If they are Opal's friends, they must be good people :) I'm so happy to hear that the Imogene and Marcel have found such a wonderful forever-home. They look very happy already - I love how carefully Lola is holding them.
    Thanks for sharing their update.

  9. Thanks again! Your awesome posts make everything even more special! Thanks for rescuing the little Bartletts, nursing them to health and giving them such great care and love. Just knowing they were with you the past few weeks made the additional time before they were ready to be adopted much easier. You are an amazing fairy kitty mother as I've told you before. I revisited the Opal post from a while back - So sweet.
    More pics to come.
    :)Mara, Jeff & Lola

  10. Awww...Lola figured out the mystery of Imogene.s markings....the little kitten wants to be like her heroine, Maddie Bouvier, whom we all love! Lola knew to give Imogene the middle name Maddie!

    These beautiful kittens are going to the perfect home for them. Be sure to wire, sweeties, and we would love to see pictures!

  11. Whoops...that was be sure to write...not wire. telegrams are so slow and expensive these days compared to email. MoL!

  12. Ha, before I read this post I was wondering if your kittens ever got URIs. They seem to come standard with all my foster litters, but yours always seem so healthy!

  13. This post made me tear up. The love and sweetness in each photo Happy Day for Marcel and Imogene Maddie!

  14. Ah! How lovely that there is another happy family with happy kittens in the world! Love all the photos - from visiting to settling in.

  15. How wonderful for the kitties to have such a lovely family for their forever home! Lola certainly looks at home handling them too >^..^<

  16. Another happy heart warming noo beginning. We love the photos. Fanks.

  17. Hopefully they learn to get on with the dog okay!

    Glad to see they've found a good home.

  18. They have found a fabulous forever home.

  19. It's always hard to decide which is cuter, kittens or an adorable little girl. In this case, it's pretty much a tie, I think. Lola looks so thrilled with her new friends, and they look pretty contented with their new family -- I know everyone is going to have a wonderful life together!

  20. YEAH!! We love happy endings and joyful updates. But we still want to know how you get those awesome pictures.....

  21. I am so happy Marcel and Imogene found such a great home to go to! Loved the pictures of Lola holding the kittens and then of the kittens on their pillows. Sounds like this was a match made in heaven. Congrats Laurie on a job well done!

  22. How wonderful to see them in the perfect family. Much joy for all!

  23. Yay for the entire adorable family! It was obvious Imogene and Marcel were loved before they even made it home. And how awesome that sweet little Opal is once again helping the IBKC kittens in her own way!



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